NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Tickets for Sale

The NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament has been dominating the sports scene in late March since its inception in 1939. Then a simple eight-team tournament, it has expanded to a field of 68, with four play-in games before the official March Madness even begins! NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament tickets have been among the best sellers at the same time since the seven-round tournament plays throughout the country.

The massive tournament became dubbed March Madness in the 1980s and has playful alliteration for the later rounds. The NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament becomes the Sweet Sixteen in round four, the Elite Eight in round five, and the Final Four in round six. There is no singular phrase yet bestowed upon the championship game apart from the most anticipated basketball game of the year in both college and the pros.

The 2012 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament has begun and the 68-team field is prepared to be whittled down to the final two, with each college basketball team collectively dreaming of the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and the Championship game. This time those dreams include a trip to New Orleans and the Superdome. NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament tickets are on sale as you read this to see your favorite team, your college alma mater, or your current school as they embark on a journey that will become celebrated and memorialized.

The schedule begins March 15, 2012. Over the course of the 15th and 16th hearts will be broken and prayers will be answered. These are arguably the biggest two days in sports in the United States every year. This year the Kentucky Wildcats have earned the number one spot in the South Region, the Michigan State Spartans won the Big Ten Tourney and have been rewarded with the number one seed in the West Region, the Syracuse Orangemen have emerged from the Big East as the number one team in the East Region, and the North Carolina Tar Heels are primed for another championship run as the number one seed in the Midwest Region.

The big game, the championship game, will be played on April 2, 2012. Right now the Kentucky Wildcats are the overall favorites. UK is led by freshman forward Anthony Davis. Davis is scoring 14.3 points per game, grabbing 10 rebounds a game, and swatting 4.6 shots a game. The UNC Tar Heels and Ohio State Buckeyes are next on the Las Vegas odds list. The Tar Heels are sophomore forward Harrison Barnes and senior forward Tyler Zeller's team. The Buckeyes are sophomore Jared Sullinger's basketball team.