Memphis Grizzlies Tickets for Sale

The Memphis Grizzles miraculously made the post season last year, despite being decimated by injuries. Over the 2015-2016 season, the Grizzlies went through an NBA record 28 players, 10 of which are returning this season, healthy and ready to play. Memphis opened their wallet this offseason, inking a deal with Chandler Parsons and re-signing Mike Conley, with the intention of a playoff run for hopefully their seventh consecutive season. Large and almost unguardable, Marc Gasol and Zack Randolph, along with defensive stud Conley should give teams a run for their money in the Western Conference this season. While some of their core players are ageing, the Grizzlies should still be contenders this year. The addition of a brand new head coach, David Fizdale will be an interesting story line and it will be thrilling to see what this first-time head coach does with the Grizzlies’ talented roster. If they can remain healthy, it’s certainly possible for this Memphis team to make waves in the West in 2016.

Fans should be sure to secure their Memphis Grizzlies tickets for the season and come out to support these guys and their new coaching staff. Their road to a seventh consecutive playoff berth starts soon so don’t miss out! 

The Memphis Grizzlies, despite being a very young NBA franchise has had a difficult existence. They began as an expansion team in Vancouver in 1995 and suffered for the six seasons they remained in British Columbia. Lottery picks like Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Mike Bibby were unable to lead the team to a winning record or the playoffs despite enjoying very commendable careers in the Grizzlies uniform. To confound the problem, high profile draft picks like Steve Francis flat out refused to play for the team.

All this resulted in relocation. The Grizzlies moved 2,476 miles southeast to Memphis, Tennessee in 2001. That first year in the new city the team welcomed Pau Gasol. Gasol had been added via a trade in the NB draft. The Spanish center was not a bruiser, but he had incredible vision, a terrific midrange jumper, and could score around the rim. Within a couple seasons, the Memphis Grizzlies became a playoff team. Things looked extremely promising once Rudy Gay arrived, but the team continued to play in the obscenely competitive Western Conference despite moving into Eastern Conference territory.

Eventually the team traded Pau to Los Angeles. Most of the NBA questioned the move in 2007, as Memphis received pieces with little perceived value in return for the smooth All Star post player. For the most part, these people were correct.  The one saving grace was Marc Gasol. Pau’s brother was considered a project, but it turned out he would become a terrific player. Marc has become much different player than his brother, excelling as a much better rebounder and defensive force.

Marc found his complement in Zach Randolph. The troubled player arrived in 2009 and his offensive game fit quite well with the other brother Gasol and the team concept. Lacking a great point guard the Memphis Grizzlies preferred a slow, half-court game. Randolph had never been an explosive athlete, but he could play with his back to the basket and hit the midrange jump shot. Suddenly, the Grizzlies were a postseason-bound team, which they have remained to this day.