Denver Nuggets Tickets for Sale

The Denver Nuggets' 2013-2014 season isn't looking as bright as it did before the season last year. Taking a huge hit in the loss of Andre Iguodala, Kosta Soufos, and Corey Brewer, the Nuggets are going to have a very intense training camp and maybe a little luck to get ready for this season. Hiring new coach Brian Shaw, Nuggets' fans are anxious to see whether or not he can bring the fire they need to fight to the finish. 

Signing point guard, Nate Robinson, Denver is looking to keep up their high scoring as he brings a major offensive advantage. However, at 5'9", he is probably the smallest guard in the league and may have problems solely because of that. The Nuggets also signed J,J, Hickson, a 24 year old solid rebounder. Hickson will also bring on some of that fast pace scoring the Nuggets are used to seeing; as his shooting continues to improve. 

Defensively, the Nuggets will struggle because of their loss in Iguodala and backup Brewer. This leaves a very small team for Denver, and they will have to try and hold their ground. Hopefully, the speed on Robinson and Hickson will transfer over to the defensive side of the game, but thus far, they are not that impressive in that area. 

Fans can expect a lot of high scoring game outcomes from the Denver Nuggets, unfortunately, the other team will have a similar effect if the defense isn't reinforced soon. Coach Shaw will have a giant task in building a defense from the bottom up this offseason, hopefully getting them ready in time to take the court. 

Being a big contender to go further in the postseason last year, the Nuggets disappointed when they lost in the first round to the Golden State Warriors. Sadly it doesn't look like much will change this year, if they even make it that far. 

The Denver Nuggets began its playing days in the American Basketball Association. As one of the founding teams (first known as the Larks, then as the Rockets) the franchise enjoyed the efforts of Ralph Sampson and Spencer Haywood. These clubs were solid, but it would the coaching work of Larry Brown to turn Denver (then finally known as the Nuggets) into a first place team.

Once the ABA merged with the NBA, the team continued its winning ways. Brown would leave in typical Larry-Brown fashion, and the Denver Nuggets went a completely different direction. They hired Donnie Walsh and then Doug Moe in the 1980s. The Nuggets forgot all about defense and focused on leading the league in scoring. Alex English was the focal point of the team. For a while he teamed up with Kiki Vandeweghe and the club consistently reached the postseason. Still, the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, and Houston Rockets were too good and the team never advanced beyond the conference finals.

Having failed to win with offense, the Denver Nuggets rebuilt the team around Dikembe Mutombo. Mutombo stayed long enough and anchored the defense to help Denver become the first number eight seed in the NBA to take out a number one seed, but he left after the 1996 season.

After a period of decline that lasted nearly a decade, the Denver Nuggets began piecing together a winning roster. It started with Carmelo Anthony, but eventually the superstar was traded to the Knicks and the franchise embraced a truly team concept. This is the current state of Denver Nuggets tickets at the Pepsi Center and the team is convinced it is going to be able to win consistently without the efforts of an unstoppable offensive force or one of the most imposing defensive forces in the NBA.