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In 1995, Naughty by Nature recorded 'Poverty's Paradise, their last album with Tommy Boy records. This effort saw them win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Their next album was 'Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury'. It was produced by Donald Robinson, Falonte Moore and Kay Gee. The album was released by Arista Records and released on April 27, 1999. Their tried and successful method of catchy loops fronted by relatively innocuous themes still works for them. A result of which, 'jamboree' did well.'On the Run' was also received well by the masses.

IIcons, their sixth album was released on TVT records on March 5, 2002. As forceful MCs with inimitable flow, Naughty also had good songwriting skills eventually making Great records. Iicons definitely proves they can still rap circles around many newer-school MTV thugs. These guys are definitive Icons. This album features the Hit 'Feels Good' featuring 3LW. Other stand-out tracks are 'Iicons', 'Rock And Roll' featuring Redman And Methodman, 'Swing Swang', 'Rah Rah', 'Let Me Find Out' and 'Wild Muthaf**kas' Featurin Lil' Jon And Chyna Whyte. An album worth having in your collection.

Since their 1991 smash hit, 'O.P.P.', there hasn't been a bigger crossover radio hit. Naughty by Nature, managed to use an irresistibly sample of Jackson 5's 'ABC' with a saucy subject matter. Lyrics of hardcore, gritty tales from the hood The song's appeal spread to suburban hip-hop fans to the hardcore heads in the hood. Tickets to their show are purchased by a slew of varied fans as is obvious in the kinds of people their music affects.
Naughty by Nature appeared in the music scene in as 'New Style' in 1989 with their album, 'Independent Leaders'. They have the distinction of pulling off hit anthems while still maintaining their street credibility. Fans buy their records and tickets for their no holds barred raw lyrics, musical driving force and solid beats. They have influenced Rappers like Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls. They won the Grammy for Best Rap album in 1995, for 'Poverty Paradise'.

The group of three members, MCs Treach (born Anthony Criss), Vinnie (born Vincent Brown) and DJ Kay Gee( born Keir Gist), was formed in East Orange, NJ in 1986. They started off as 'New Style', until Queen Latifah spotted them and signed them a deal with her management company while also landing them a deal with Tommy Boy Records.

Reborn as 'Naughty by Nature', they released their debut, self-titled album. The track 'O.P.P.' peaked at #1 in the Hot Rap Singles. 'Uptown Anthem' and 'Everything's gonna be alright' too stayed in the charts. 'Uptown Anthem' was in the soundtrack of 2pac's movie Juice. 19 Naughty III, their third album on Tommy Boy records opened ti huge success. Another hit from the song which balanced between mainstream commercial success with street flavor was 'Hip Hip Hooray'. The song lasted a week on the US R & B chart. Spike Lee directed the video. The album also saw many collaborations with other artists like, Queen Latifah, Run D.M.C., Kriss Kross and Eazy-E.
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