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My Morning Jacket is one of the Louisville, KY, based band which was formed on the basis of the sound and songwriting talent of it's group leader Jim James. Their songs showcase the elements which are related to the classic country rhythms. The band takes their inspiration from the prestigious artists such as Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and Galaxie 500's Dean Wareham. The band did several tours all around the world, while gaining their fan base tremendously.

This band was however, founded by the lead singer Jim James along with the help of his cousin Johnny Quaid (guitarist), bassist Two-Tone Tommy, and J. Glenn as drummer. After initial years of struggle, the band succeeded in fulfilling their musical aspirations. They released their debut album titled 'The Tennessee Fire,' which received positive reviews from several critics. Their debut album was released in the year of 1999 under the label of Darla Records. My Morning Jacket by now had become one of the recognized and popular bands not only in United Stated but also in Europe as well.

However, it was noticed during this time that countries of Benelux were also fond of this band. This was the reason that later on the band was seen in a Dutch documentary film as well. Apart from recording albums, the band did quite a number of performances onstage with their marvelous musical skills. One can't just stop listening to them. The band became so popular that they Dutch music press gave them several positive reviews.
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With all this happening, the band released their second much awaited album 'At Dawn,' in the year of 2001. During this time band saw the coming of two new members with Danny Cash as keyboardist and KC Guetig as drummer. Both of them were talented musicians. Moreover, with the release of album in America, James' best friend Patrick Hallahan made an entry in the band as a drummer.

Their other albums include 'Split,' (2002), 'The Sandworm Cometh,' 'Learning,' (2004), and 'It Still Moves,' which was released in the year of 2003. All these albums were admired by the audience all around the world. Their successful journey in the mainstream music industry made them one of the most all time favorite band of people round the globe.

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At Dawn (2001)
Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh (2004)
Chapter 2: Learning (2004)
Chocolate And Ice (2002)
It Still Moves (2003)
Split (2002)
Tennessee Fire (1999)
Z (2005)
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