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Mustard's Retreat is a two member band formed in 1974 in Ann Arbor, The band consists of David Tamulevich and Michael Hough. Both artists were cooks, songwriters, natives of Connecticut and and former members of local church choir. The duo gave their first public performance as Mustard's Retreat at The Ark, which was a coffeehouses in the native area. Tamulvich plays the guitar, harmonica, penny whistle, and dulcimer. Hough lends his skills with the bass, Auto harp, and guitar.

Their first performance gave them a temporary job as the home band for a local bar. It was also the first time they earned money for playing music. They performed at the bar for the next two years and earned enough money to pursue a music career. They left the job and consequently released their self titled album in 1979. They issued their next album four years later titled, "Home by the Morning." The album was released on the local label Red House Records. "Midwinter's Night" followed in 1985.
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The next few years were spent touring and traveling throughout the Midwest and East Coast. During tis time they performed at many bars, clubs, and festivals. It was a long time before they released their next album. The band got down to recording in 1994. They produced the album, "5 Miles or 50,000 Years" which was released the same year. The band released their next offering "The Wind and the Crickets," in 1997 under the Palmetto Records label. Get a dose of their great music, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets.


5 Miles Or 50,000 Years - 1998
The Wind And The Cricket... - 1997
Back To Back - 1995
Midwinter's Night - 1985
Home by The Morning - 1980
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