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In 1995, Mushroomhead released their debut album, the self-financed, self-titled, "Mushroomhead". Few tracks from this album have beenr emastered on "XX".Some members left while some still remain active with the band. Many tracks from the album contain samples from movies like "One flew over the Cuckoo's nest", "Reservoir Dogs", "Silence of the Lambs", "Pet Sematry" etc. Mushroomhead released their sophomore effort "Superbuick" in 1996. like the previous album, many tracks from this album too will be remastered in "XX". The album was released at Mars Studio (Ohio). In 1999, Mushroomhead released their third album, "M3" which they released on their own label, Schroomco. Songs from this album will also be remastered in "XX". M3 was appreciated as its sound was diverse. It also had intricate, dark and moody offerings like , "The New Cult King", "The Final Act", "Conflict -- The Argument Goes On" and "Solitaire/Unraveling".

In 2001, the band re-issued their first release with a new design and called it "XX" (pronounced "double X"). Though previously released on their own label, after remastering and re-releasing with Universal Records, the band became an international sensation. The album was #7 on the Top Heatseekers charts, #178 on the Billboard 200 and #50 on the Top Independent Albums. Fan favorites include, "Solitaire/Unraveling", "Before I die", "these filthy hands" and "never let it go".

XII, released in 2003 is the second release with Universal. Debuting at #40 on the Billboard 200, the album sold 4,00,000 units. Also, "Sun Doesn't rise" was featured in the "Freddy vs. Jason" soundtrack. Sadly, it would be vocalist J Mann and guitarist Bronson's (Marko Vukcevich) last Mushroomhead album. In the British release, some units of the album include the song "Treason" and the instrumental "Loop #6". The band quite Universal after "XII" and signed up with "Megaforce" to release "Savior force" on September 2006. The album peaked at #2 in Top Independent albums and #50 in the Billboard 200.
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With an eclectic but well made mish-mash of musical genres blended together, fans with tickets and albums feel a connection with this unique and adventurous band.

Mushroomhead was started in Ohio as a standby project in 1993. The musicians are members from different bands from Cleveland, Ohio. To differentiate from their original bands and dispel any wrong stories about the group's music and content, Mushroonhead wore, masks, costumes and even adopted pseudonyms. As a band they had their first performance in 1993 playing alongside thrash and heavy metal giants, GWAR. Three days later they were called to ope for GWAR at the Cleveland Agora which had an audience of 2000. not too shabby for their second performance. With the original bands breaking up, the octet could now concentrate all their energies in their band. The band has two vocalists: Jeffrey Nothing bellows melodically whilst J Mann screams, growls and raps. However, they never sound lost or chaotic and the octet all work uniquely.

Mushroomhead isn't content to provide noise for the sake of noise. Their music is ambitious and risk-taking. Hardcore fans at Ohio and nationwide buy tickets for their live shows as they keep things unpredictable and exciting. Also, they wore masks way before Slipknot ever dreamt of.
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