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Background- Murder By Death was before known as Little Joe Gould. In the year 1976, when Robert Moore released a movie with the same name, the band members changed the name of their band to Murder By Death. It is a four-piece rock band. The members of the band hails from Bloomington, Indiana. The band is known for their experimentation. They played music by choosing from various sources, such as playing the delicate eight minute instrumentals, as well as punk rock, to alt-country. Their earlier music had an scary tune, that sounded southern gothic stressed by keyboard and electric cello. But their later releases where somewhat different, that contained more of cello and guitar, but less keyboard, and contained a unique mixture of edgy punk style and fantastical woes of western.

It was Thursday vocalist, Geoff Rickly who discovered the band. He then helped then to get signed up with Eyeball Records. The group has even played with a various artists such as The Weakerthans, Rasputina, Lucero, Against Me!, Interpol, Cursive, William Elliot Whitmore and The Get Up Kids. In the year 2004, the group also performed with the Minus the Bear during the Braid United States reunion tour.

The single "Those Who Left" is from their first full-length album "Like the Exorcist, but More Breakdancing", is an instrumental played for eight-minute and most of the time is played live in total darkness. "Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?" is a concept album that tells you the story of the survival strategy of the residents living in a western town.
The album "In Bocca al Lupo" released in the year 2006, is built on thematic connections such as of transgression, punishment, sin and redemption. The different songs touches different lives and tell different stories. The album is said to have been inspired from "The Divine Comedy"
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Oct 26 Fri 1:00 PM Murder By Death Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
Wilkes Barre, PA
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Oct 26 Fri 7:30 PM Murder By Death Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
Wilkes Barre, PA
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The current members of the band are Adam Turla – Guitar/Vocals, Matt Armstrong – Bass, Alex Schrodt – Drums/Percussion, Sarah Balliet – Cello/Keyboards. The earlier members of the band were Vincent Edwards – Keyboards who left the band in the year 2004 to continue his studies and Brandon Cooper – Keyboards in mid 2004.

A list of their albums are Little Joe Gould (EP) (2001), Like the Exorcist, but More Breakdancing (LP) (June 25, 2002) was released on Eyeball Records, Konrad Friedrich Wilhelm Zimmer - (July 15, 2003) - Split album with Volta Do Mar, released on Arborvitae Records, Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them? (LP) (October 14, 2003) was released on Eyeball Records, Tribute for Matt Davis (7 inch) (2003) and In Bocca al Lupo (LP) (May 23, 2006) which was produced by J. Robbins and was released on Tent Show Records.

The album "Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left of Them" was released in the year 2003. The tracks are Devil in Mexico, Killbot 2000, Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue, Three Men Hangin, Intermission, Masters in Reverse Psychology, That Crown Don't Make You a Prince, Desert's on Fire, Pillars of Salt, End of the Line. The album "In Bocca al Lupo" was released in the year 2006. The tracks are Boy Decide, One More Notch, Dead Men and Sinners, Brother, Dynamite Mine, The Organ Grinder, Sometimes the Line Walks You, Raw Deal, The Big Sleep, Shiola, Steam Rising, The Devil Drives.

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