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The Salsburg house which serves as a museum has a display of numerous items linked to Mozart. This includes a lock of hair, a violin string, mother of pearl buttons from his waistcoat, a snuff box, playing cards and notes he scribbled during his journeys. Apart from these, it has an impressive collection of many items like the violin that he used as a child. It also has a copy of his 1764 composition written from in his own handwriting at the age of 8. There were many other events in other cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, London and Prague to mark this occasion of his 250th birthday.

Metropoliton Opera from New York presented a revival of the last season's Julie Taymor production "The Magic Flute" and the city of New York gave a three week tribute to the "Magic of Mozart". On January 27th, to mark this celebration and as a tribute to the great composer, the city of Vienna opened the downtown house. This is the place where Mozart actually wrote "The Marriage of Figaro". The National library in Austria displayed the original and rarely seen handwritten score to "Requiem". The Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel in November presented a copy of this to Pope Benedict XVI.

The Vienna city marathon was organized along the 26.2 mile course where costumed musicians played Mozart sonatas to give runners a boost. In Domgasse no. 5 , one of the places where Mozart lived has been preserved as a museum where his exhibits were displayed. And back in Salsburg an exhibit of manuscripts, letters, paintings and other related works of his times was opened on January 27th in the Carolino Augusteum Museum in the Neue Residenz.
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the most celebrated star's 250th Birthday was celebrated on on 27th January 2006. It's a universally accepted fact that his music was so sublime that musicians love to play it while the audiences enjoy it all the more. Mozart's life spawned around the Baroque and the French revolution. He was actually a child prodigy and learnt music from his father. The two enchanting cities –Salsburg, where he was born and acquired the formal knowledge of music. And the other breathtaking city -Vienna, where he met the Imperial family and got married apart from enjoying his musical successes celebrated this great and honorable moment.

Mozart lived for about 13,097 days and spent 3,720 out of them in fact more than 10 of his not quite 36 years - traveling to more than 200 European cities. His native Austria where the two beautiful cities – Salsburg and Vienna are located witnessed about a million tourists in that year of his birthday. All of his 22 operas would be performed at the Salzburg festival in the next summer. A big bash marked his birthday and the year 1756, in which this extraordinary composer was born. It was attended by many high ranking people and dignitaries. And through the year Salsburg will host about 260 concerts and 55 Masses devoted to Mozart's precious music.

Yet another attraction for Mozart lovers was the Makartplatz, where Mozart lived with his family and as a young man composed his works. Mozart Memorial Place in St. Gilgen,where Mozart's mother was born and the Magic Flute Lodge, related to the Mirabell Garden, where Mozart is said to have composed part of the "Magic Flute" was also open to the public. There are about 12,000 books which have been written on Mozart. The Austrian government is said to have spent 100 million euros in order to mark the "Mozart year". It was all done with lots of festive fervour to mark the occasion of his 250th birthday, a genius and a prodigy who wrote music whose beauty was incomparable to any and lived across generations.