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The band Motion City Soundtrack has hit musicians like Joshua Cain on (guitar), Tony Thaxton on (drums), Justin Pierre on (vocals/guitar), Jesse Johns on (moog), and Matthew Taylor (bassist). This is an indie rock band which was formed in 1999 when the duo of Pierre and Cain were still in their high school. Two of them were big fans of popular bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, the Flaming Lips,
and Superchunk, which eventually made them form their own band. Motion City Soundtrack released their independent album in the year 2000.

Though the band was in full form but it was only after the joining of Taylor Thaxton, and Johnson that things became static and began to change. In due course of time Thaxton and Taylor shifted from Richmond, VA, to the band's hometown in Minneapolis, MN. This was when the band started recording their songs instantly with
producer/engineer Ed Rose and came out with some of the marvelous numbers like "Coalesce", "the Get Up Kids", "Ultimate Fakebook". Their musical career boosted with Ed Rose who recorded their songs and added magical wonders from his studio in Lawrence, KS.
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Motion City Soundtrack made their punk debut the release of " I Am the Movie" which was released in
the summer of 2003. The band showcases all the elements of stylish punk music in their songs making them one of the favorite bands across the country.


Commit This To Memory (2005)

I Am The Movie (2003)
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