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One of the most influential figures in alternative rock, Morrissey's legendarily sensitive, melancholy persona made him a highly polarizing icon, reviled in some quarters with
nearly the same intensity he inspired in his passionately devoted fans. As the lead singer of the Smiths, arguably the most important indie band in Britain during the '80s, Morrissey's theatrical crooning and literate, poetic lyrics -- filled with romantic angst, social alienation, and cutting wit -- connected powerfully with a legion of similarly sensitive, disaffected youth. Yet as much as his fan base revered him, Morrissey was also criticized -- sometimes fairly, sometimes not -- for his self-absorption and determinedly miserable outlook (others simply couldn't stand his effeminacy). The Smiths were stars in Britain, exerting tremendous pull over much of the country's guitar-based music for many years after their breakup, but remained underground cult artists in the States. By the time Morrissey firmly established himself as a solo artist, that cult had grown to the point where he became more popular in the U.S. than in his homeland, where he was frequently dogged by controversy. Prevailing critical opinion on his solo albums holds that they don't measure up to his best work with the Smiths, yet the Mozzer (as he's affectionately nicknamed) has produced enough terrific music to keep his sizable fan base enthralled.

Steven Patrick Morrissey, (born May 22, 1959 in Manchester in England), who has since dropped his forenames to become Morrissey, was the lead singer of The Smiths. After the band broke up in 1987, Morrissey developed a successful solo career. The Smiths were seen by many to be a landmark band of the 1980s post-punk era. Morrissey's ambiguous sexuality, provocative iconoclasm, and heartfelt lyrical compositions blended with guitarist Johnny Marr's highly melodic songwriting to stun listeners. The band became an enormous success in the UK, Ireland, and Australia while only a cult obsession in the United States of America, doing quite well on college radio charts.
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The band broke up due to conflict between Morrissey and Marr, after an enormously productive period from 1985 to 1987 when they released several highly successful albums: Meat Is Murder, Strangeways, Here We Come, and the colossal hit The Queen is Dead (a regular member of 'Best Albums of All Time' lists and easily one of the most influential of the 1980s). Morrissey's work, both solo and with the Smiths, has long held a special place within England's artistic community as well as, separately, the gay community in general. His ambiguous demeanor and song titles (especially the rare 'I Want a Boy for my Birthday') left many people smiling to themselves. His witty but often acidic lyrics seldom stand on ceremony and usually say exactly what they mean.

Morrissey's subsequent career has provided equally influential albums and in 1994 he achieved his highest ever chart position with the best-selling Vauxhall and I (1994) and its single 'The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get'. After producing several albums in the early years of his solo career with a production outfit not unlike his collaboration with Marr, Morrissey moved on from the songwriting services of Stephen Street for Viva Hate (1988) and Bona Drag (1990) and Mark Nevin for Kill Uncle (1991). The band he assembled for 1992's hit album Your Arsenal sharply renewed his sound and sales success with a fresh, American rockabilly sound evocative of Marr's melodic seriousness but with rejuvenating rhythmic energy. Composition duties were split between guitarists Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte, who have been the core of Morrissey's band ever since.
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