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Prince initiated the album The Time and this record was completed in just about two week's time in April, 1981.This album was finally released in July, 1981 by Warner Brothers records. Morris Day was the lead singer for the album, Jesse Johnson(guitars),Terry Lewis(bass),Jellybeans Johnson(drums).Monte Noir and Jimmy Jam(keyboards).Morris Day shared the credit for production along with another guy named Jamie Starr who was first introduced in the The Prince's 1980 album "The dirty minds".

The music had all the hallmarks of the prince inspired Minneapolis kind of music and they were surrounded by initial controversies of Prince been behind the entire project. And Prince's involvement in the music was completely denied by all the band members. Morris Day took the credit of creating the band with his cool and funky attitude. He admitted that Prince offered only the required guidance and support to the band. But the truth was that Jamie Starr was none other than Prince in disguise and The Time was very much his own creation. He mainly did this so that he could distance himself from the project and allow the band to establish its own individual identity.

Thus this album had more influences on pure funk and the sound was dominated by the keyboards. Though the album had a few weak points overall it provided with good fun and entertainment. Eventually The Time went on to become a huge hit selling over 500,000 copies in the first seven months .It did even better than Prince's own album "Dirty mind" The album was positioned at no.7 in the Billboard's R& B music charts. It was positioned at no. 50 at the Billboard's pop charts.

This The Time defined a new era in funk music with a raunchy style and pared down, synth oriented music. It was different and a change from the horn based and elaborate funky music of the 70's.The outfits too proved to be more stylish compared to the glamorous and outlandish suits of the 70's.

  • It's about Time (2004)

  • Jay and silent bob strike back (2002)

  • Circle of love (1993)

  • Guaranteed (1992)

  • Gimme Whatcha got (1992)

  • The Time (1981)
Morris Day was born in Minneapolis in the year 1957. He developed a flair for fashion seeing his grandpa's photographs in zoot suits. He became a fashion icon in the true sense. Morris went to school along with Prince Rogers Nelson. He sang for Prince for his first band, "the Grand Central". Slowly Prince grew as an artist and also got several opportunities. The Time was his own creation which reflected his own musical sense of a cool, street- wise funk band. This was in contrast to the original and soulful R& B music of Prince.

Prince was looking out for a talented vocalist and he chose his school friend Morris Day. Finally Prince with his vision of The Time as a cool and a funky band had Morris as the lead singer. The songs done by Prince were funky, humorous and unpretentious. The songs were mainly focused on love, style, attitude, partying and money. It was completely in contrast to his albums which usually addressed spiritual or socio-political concerns.
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