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What makes the Minus The Bear outstanding is not the song titles but the music. With the release of their new album Menos El Oso, Minus the Bear have strengthened their music and has put full focus on it. They have ushered vibrant and intense narratives, production that has been refined and also putting some emotional breadth into their sound. The song titles are delicate as well as have some kind of mystery in it and the lyrics have got some kind of themes in it. The musical arrangements is a mixture of rich syncopation and is lush, that is calculated and has also been cultivated.

Some of the catchy tunes that has captured the audience are "Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked," "Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!," and "Lemurs, Man, Lemurs," it is really hard not to be at least a little bit curious about Minus the Bear, a Seattle-based quintet. The members from Botch, Kill Sadie and Sharks Keep moving featured in the Minus the Bear, Seattle's music scene in 2001 with the release of their six-song EP This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic.
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Apr 20 Fri 6:00 PM Minus The Bear The Beacham
Orlando, FL
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Dave Knudson as the guitarist, Jake Snider as the vocalist as well as the guitarist, Erin Tate as the drummer and Cory Murchy as the bassist are the members of Minus the Bear. Before doing a show, the band entered studio for recording . After the release of their EP, they toured aggressively in support of the EP. After completion of the tour, they returned to the studio in the year 2002, to record their album Highly Refined Pirates. It was their first full-length album. The EP and LP, both were released by Seattle-based Suicide Squeeze Records. In the year 2006, on January 2, Matt Bayles who used to play keyboard and guitar and side by side was the producer for Minus the Bear, announced that he was leaving the band, so that he could pay his full attention on record production work. He gave his last performance with the band on 28th January, in the year 2006. He was later replaced by Alex Rose, an Engineer on Menos el Oso.

Meanwhile, there were some guest appearances too in Minus the Bear. They were Amy Blaschke in the album "On Highly Refined Pirates", Heather Duby "On Menos el Oso" and "They Make Beer Commercials Like This" and Alex'pants'Lee appeared in the album "On Highly Refined Pirates".

The famous members of the band are, "This is What I Know About Being Gigantic", an EP released in the year 2001, under Suicide Squeeze Records, "Bands Like It When You Yell 'Yar!' at Them", an EP released in the year 2002, under Suicide Squeeze Records, "Highly Refined Pirates" in the year 2002 also under Suicide Squeeze Records, "They Make Beer Commercials Like This", an EP released in 2004, under Arena Rock Recording Co., "Menos el Oso", this album was released again under Suicide Squeeze Records in the year 2005 and "This Ain't a Surfin' Movie, it was an IQU remix released on Plyvinyl Record in the year 2005. The songs lead one to believe that they are novelty act, but it is not so, because it provides polish, shrewdly arranged songs, guitar riffs mixed with pleasing and easily remembered melodies keep the listeners interested and entertained. "The Game Needed Me" from Menos el Oso and "Pachuca Sunrise" from Menos el Oso are the music videos of Minus the Bear.

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