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Mindless Self Indulgence, also known as MSI, is a renowned American-based Industrial band. They are called as American Industrial Band as they describe their baby music as Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk music.

However, their music, no doubt, is different due to the right blend of punk, industrial, electronica and hip-hop elements in it that makes the music melodious. The Band saw its origin in New York City, USA. They have marked an active presence in the musical arena from the year 1995 till the present. They have been releasing their albums on Uppity Cracker, Electra, Metropolis Records. Their associated acts include Lefts and Rights. The former members of the bands are Vanessa Y.T., Marcus J. Euringer.

The Band Members of MSI are Little Jimmy Urine who is a Lead Singer, Kitty who plays well with the Drum, Steve, Righ?, a Guitarist and LynZ, a Bassist.

1. Mindless Self-Indulgence - January 1, 1995
2. Tight - April 6, 1999
3. Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy - February 22, 2000
4. Alienating Our Audience - October 8, 2002
5. Despierta Los NiƱos - November 1, 2003
6. You'll Rebel to Anything - April 12, 2005 US Billboard 200 #107
7. Another Mindless Rip Off - December 5, 2006
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The lead singer James Euringer has marked his presence on the international charts as an iconoclastic. Mostly, he is using his stage name Little Jimmy Urine. He is also appearing on stage at concerts wearing vague dresses like fishnets, or other stupid versions of female clothing. What catch the attention of his show are his outfits and antics that he is wearing on stage.

The Band is highly influenced by 1980s pop culture. The melody flowing in MSI's music has a few samples of beeps and tones taken from Atari-style or Commodore 64.

MSI is all known to use all that language which is not at all used in decent terms. There are no limits, no full stops for this particular class. It remains different from the mainstream rock through its incorporation of lyrics that openly describes about being gay, and other same related topics, into their songs. They even went far off to entitle one of their songs with the word "Faggot."

Knowing no bars, Euringer and guitarist Steve, Righ? Also used many words that were out of the mainstreams, like tenor and high falsetto. With no qualms fro anything special, the Band used words that were deemed offensive. A few of these words used on rampant scale in their songs are nigger and faggot..

MSI Band believes that there are no rules in music. None of the topics is neither too offensive nor a sensitive one to be ridiculed. All the band members have been using the words like suicide and masturbation very frequently.

The Band has done a grand opening for a number of popular modern bands including System of a Down, Korn, Sum 41, Mushroomhead, Insane Clown Posse, and Rammstein. Further, there are many renowned bands that have opened for them on various headlining tours. Some of these are Deadsy, PT Grimm, and Kill Hannah.

MSI are also known to have played several large musical festivals like the Voodoo Music Experience in 2003 and 2005. They have also left an unforgettable imprint on the mids of the audiences in the Mojave tent at the 2004 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

They have huge plans in the pipeline for the coming months. They would tour with Linkin Park in 2007 at the Projekt Revolution.
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