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Millie Jackson's career started at a 1964 Harlem nightclub talent contest, where she marked a victory. Many people compared her voice to that of her inspiration, Gladys Knight. She made first recording for MGM records, then was associated with Spring Records. Her first single was released in 1971 titled ‘A Child of God (It's Hard to Believe)'. She released her first R&B Top Ten single "Ask Me What You Want" in 1972. This song was followed up by ‘My Man, A Sweet Man' that went to 7 R&B. Then came her third Top Ten single and biggest hit "Hurts So Good," that marked # 3 on R&B charts and #24 on the pop chart.
Her other album Caught Up made her popular as an innovative rap stylist. She received two Grammy nominations for "If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right)".
Millie Jackson (1972)
Hurts So Good (1973)
I Got To Try It Once (1974)
Caught Up (1974)
Still Caught Up (1975)
Free And In Love (1976)
Feelin' Bitchy (1977)
Lovingly Yours (1977)
Get It Out'cha System (1978)
A Moment's Pleasure (1979)
Royal Rappin's (1979, with Isaac Hayes)
For Men Only (1980)
I Had To Say It (1980)
Live (1980)
Just a Li'l Bit Country (1981)
Hard Times (1982)
Live and Uncensored (1982)
E.S.P. (Extra Sexual Persuasion) (1983)
Imitation of Love (1986)
The Tide Is Turning (1988)
Back To The Shit (1989)
Young Man, Older Woman (1991)
Young Man, Older Woman: Cast Album (1993)
Rock N' Soul (1994)
It's Over (1995)
Not For Church Folk! (2001)

"A Child of God (It's Hard to Believe)"
"Ask Me What You Want"
"My Man, A Sweet Man"
"Hurts So Good"
"I Miss You Baby
"How Do You Feel In The Morning"
"I'm Through Trying To Prove My Love To You"
"If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want to Be Right"
"Loving Arms"
"The Rap"
"Bad Risk"
"Feel Like Making Love"
"There You Are"
"I Can't Say Goodbye"
"If You're Not Back My Monday"
"A Love of Your Own"
"All The Way Lover"
"Sweet Music Man"
"Keep The Home Fire Burin'"
"Never Change Loves In The Middle of The Night"
"We Got To Hit It Off"
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Jun 9 Sat 8:00 PM Millie Jackson Andiamo Celebrity Showroom
Warren, MI
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Millie Jackson, a distinguished R&B/Soul music singer and a songwriter was born in Thomson, Georgia on July 15, 1944.

The music industry rocks with her vocal performances in her varied styles including her long, humorous and explicit spoken sections. She has innumerable disco songs, dance music and some country styled songs to her credit.

A daughter of a sharecropper, she had a tough childhood as her mother died when she was a child. Soon after, she along with her father left to Newark, New Jersey. She moved to Brooklyn, New York, and lived with an aunt in her mid-teens and started working occasionally as a model for magazines.
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