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The band reached the pinnacle of success in the year 2000, with the release of their album "Pennybridge Pioneers". The album was an out and out rock album which took the audiences by storm. Soon after the release of their album, they launched their first biggest worldwide tour, "Pennybridge Pioneers Worldwide Tour". The single "No Cigar" was also featured on the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 video game. The band played in Wellington, New Zealand which was followed by a tour of Australia.

Millencolin's next album "Home From Home" released in 2002 was very special as Millencolin wrote and composed the songs while they were on tour. The single "Kemp" was very successful and they moved uup another big step on the ladder of success.

Their sixth album "Kingwood" was released in March 2005 in Sweden and in April in USA. The two singles "Ray" and "Shut You Out" made the listeners get up on their feet and rock to the music.

Another special feature of the band was that since 2003, the band hosted a skateboard contest at their own skatepark in Orebro. The contest was named Millencolin Open. Their purpose for starting the contest was that it was skateboarding that brought them together and through this contest they had a chance to do something for their town and the young generation who was a fan of skateboarding.

The most recent piece of news from the band is that they are working on a new album. Although the release date of the album has not been confirmed but the fans of the band are eagerly waiting for the release of their next hot and sizzling album. So don't wait grab your copy now.

Same Old Tunes – 1994
Life on a Plate – 1995
For Monkeys – 1997
The Melancholy Collection – 1999
Pennybridge Pioneers – 2000
Home From Home – 2002
Kingwood - 2005
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Millencolin is a widely popular skate punk band which has made a place for itself in the hearts of the youngsters all over the world. As the name itself states, skate punk which is also referred to as skate-punk, skate-thrash or skate-core got its name from hardcore punk and its popularity among lovers of skating. Thus the band's lyrics also have a reference towards skateboarders.

This amazingly popular band was formed in Orebro, Sweden in October 1992 by Erik Ohlsson, Mathias Farm and Nikola Sarcevic. The band also got its name from the skateboard trick "melancholy".

Their very first album titled "Tiny Tunes" was released in 1994. Later they re-released the album in 1996 and titled it "Same Old Tunes". The album was an instant hit. The singles "Pain" and "Melack" were appreciated so much by the listeners that the band began touring and playing in live shows.

The year 1995 was full of successes as the band released their second album titled "Life on a Plate". The album was loved by critics and audiences alike, and it proved that the band was there to stay. After the successful release of the album, the band's fame increased manifold and they started touring in many different countries like Japan, Australia, Brazil and Canada. They were also a part of the famous Warped Tour in 1997.

Their next album "For Monkeys" saw the light of day in 1997. Another fantastic compilation of the most melodious songs titled "The Melancholy Collection" followed in 1999. The album reiterated the fact that the band was becoming a force to reckon with.
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