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Mickey Avalon is continually loaded. He's loaded with sharp rhymes and appealing snares, played by Djs to writhing Hollywood club kids who don't comprehend that 50% of the dim memories Mickey allotments are real encounters.

When he began around 2004, he was stacked with the trouble of family; of drugs and that all-excessively commonplace feeling of being lost. Indeed now with his prosperity, he appears to relish the course, back-rear way method for doing things. Here and there it appears to relate more to shake music than rap so perhaps that is the place his wide advance comes into play. 

Mickey Avalon has carried that same stance to the stage -and Iggy's custom of maintaining an underground taking after at a young hour in his vocation with a by one means or another broken down sweet yet prohibited expressive imagery. If you're acquainted with Mickey Avalon you likely ran across him by expressions of mouth. Mickey Avalon is a rap craftsman from California who has a touch of reputation for taking sorted stories from his life and rapping about them in silly tunes of lewdness on his 2 collections, his 2006 introduction self-titled collection and in the not so distant future as of lately releases "loaded."

Mickey Avalon’s concerts are jam packed with people; a lot of people attend his concerts and enjoy them. Due to his concerts, Mickey Avalon’s fan following list has been increased. He creates a big show in his concerts and people enjoy a lot, his songs are very loud and everyone gets energized in the concerts.

Mickey Avalon is presently welcoming audience to venture into his universe of revelry with the arrival of his sophomore studio album, loaded is the soundtrack to one the most defiled stories of rock "n" roll. Loaded with overabundance and blasting with vitality, Avalon's music grasps wantonness and praises its gluttonous grandness. Mickey Avalon basically engages voyeuristic side of every one of us that need to enjoy, let detached and get loaded.

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His caustic rapping style deals with drugs, death and the promise of redemption. His songs are not easy to listen to since they deal with rather unpleasant themes but his gift for rap and his lyrics cannot be missed. There is a brand of humor that pokes fun at his degenerate past and lifestyle that are hard not to laugh at. It's offensive but well timed and on the whole, well executed.

Don't miss your chance to see this young god of white trash rap rip the noise apart on a stage near you- contact your online ticket vendor for more details on how you can score tickets to see Mickey Avalon live in concert!

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