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Michael appeared in the WJW Channel 8 from 1986 to 1991 as the host of PM Magazine. He also played himself in The Drew Carey Show. Widespread Panic and Little Texas covered his great hits in a live show and CD respectively.

He was known to be working as the afternoon radio jockey for WNCX and is believed to have held that job since the 90s. He is also active in the social and political circles and had performed in some fundraisers for the Democratic party in 2006. Though the band broke up in the 1980s, Michael still regularly releases his works and performs in annual Summer and New Years Eve shows. He also makes sure that those performances and appearances include some of his ex-band-mates from yesteryears.

Discography (The Michael Stanley Band):

You Break It, You Bought It
Ladies Choice
Stage Pass
Cabin Fever
Greatest Hints
North Coast
You Can't Fight Fashion
Fourth And Ten...
Inside Moves
Born March 25, 1948, in Cleveland Ohio, Michael Stanley started out as a regional superstar, but went on to explore the high seas, and transformed later into a successful singer, actor and a disc jockey. He proved that he can be successful as a solo artist and as well as part of a band that he put together in is music career. Originally Michael Stanley Gee, he attended Rocky River High School and later completed graduation from Hiram College. His artistic talents started to show when he was being the DJ for the schools radio station – WHRM. He also got himself to be elected as the Student Senate.

At the outset, in his music career, he played bass in the folk rock group Silk, way back in the later 60's. His talents opened up a new channel to work with producers like Bill Szymczyk and later on with artists like Joe Walsh, Todd Rungren and David Sanborn. After that, it was time for the Michael Stanley Band to be born and that happened exactly in the mid 1970s. After constituting the band, Michael's focus was on mainstream rock. He released a string of albums, none of which could make it big, but nonetheless they were modestly successful to be very popular in the regional circles of Ohio. He certainly was such a sweetheart of the locals that his concerts were bursting at the seams with the fan crowd. In fact, his band MSB is a huge hit in the Cleveland area that it still holds attendance records in the Blossom Music Center. He started to see extended popularity and success in the 1980s with albums like Heartland, and especially with the single "He can't love you" and "Lover. The former was sung by the MSB bands Kevin Raleigh and latter by his own self. More success came by in 1983 with the hit single " My Town" and it also fielded considerable airplay at the national level. After some releases with records like Epic, Arista, and EMI, the band disbanded in 1987.
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