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Moore is also an accomplished director and launched his film career with his typically controversial movie Roger and Me in 1989. The movie was partially funded by the money that won as settlement for a legal suit against Star Ledger. The theme of the movie was a speculation that, what would happen to Flint, Michigan if GM closed down its operations there and started up in Mexico. He released a few other moves Canadian Bacon (1995), The Big One (1997), Bowling for Columbine (2002). But the one that shook the political circles of America was Fahrenheit 9/11, which was a full-length criticism of President Bush. However controversial it might have been, it stormed the box office roping in a cool $200 million in revenue, all over the world including $125 million from within United States. It was also awarded Palme d'Or, the top honor at the Cannes film festival.

He also has a decent TV career as director and actor. He directed and hosted the TV series TV Nation, and The Awful Truth. He also ran a series – Michael Moore Live, which was broadcast only in UK, though from New York. He also won the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award for his contribution to Arts and Entertainment. He has directed several music videos including "Rage Against for the Machine", "System of a Down's Boom" and "All the Way to Reno." He is also a successful author for a bunch of books that comments boldly on some of the topics that people would normally stay away from. He has also ventured into acting with appearances in the movie - Lucky Numbers.

He lives a busy life, keeping his critics' tongues wagging, in New York City and is married to producer Kathleen Glynn. It is a known thing that he will be the subject of many more conversations and debates to come in the US and elsewhere!
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In the world of partisan politics and at a time when bootlicking and sycophancy seems to be in vogue, if there is one person that stands up to speak his bold self out, without fearing or flinching, it is none other than Michael Moore. He is a very popular and controversial author, director, activist and political satirist. He is well known for his iconoclastic views on globalization, gun violence, inconsiderate capitalism, American War and specifically, President George W. Bush. He still continues to occupy center-stage in debates related to heated topics with his polemic viewpoints.

Michael Moore was born in Flint, Michigan and grew up in the city of Davison. At 14, he attended the Diocesan seminary, and following that, the Davison high school. He was active in the school and took part in many literary activities like debating and drama. His activism started soon after he graduated in 1972, and the same year, he successfully ran for and won a seat in the school board on the plank of firing the high school's principal! He is also an Eagle Scout, the highest honor that is bestowed by the Boy Scouts of America. He went to pursue studies in the University of Michigan and was also the editor of the students' magazine – The Michigan Times. However, he did not go on to graduate but dropped out of college and founded an alternative weekly – The Flint Voice that soon became The Michigan Voice. But he had to relocate to the Golden State – California to take a job as the editor of Mother Jones resulting in the shutting down of The Michigan Voice.
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