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Michael spent some time in the company of Owen Castleman at Lewis and Clarke Expedition. Between 1965 and 1970. He then joined Screen Gems as a songwriter but was not too impressed by the financial rewards it entitled. He moved back to Texas in the earlier 1970s and remained active in the outlaw country music condition that was popular in that time frame. He also performed in the Armadillo World Headquarters of the movement. On his professional side, he garnered a small group that specialized in country and rock. Geronimo's Cadillac was his first solo debut album released in 1972, with A&M records. It brought him moderate success and popularity. A follow up album Cowboy Cosmic Souvenir achieved better success and fame and was well received. He signed with Epic Records in 1973 and released a few albums but the album that gave him the real commercial breakthrough was Blue Sky – Night Thunder released in 1975. The imaginative song "Wildfire" stood at number three in the pop charts and the album became his first gold record. Another number " Carolina in the pines" climbed to Top 30 as well.

With Liberty Records, he recorded the eponymous album – Michael Martin Murphey that featured songs that he co-wrote with Mike D'Abo. Especially, "What's Forever For" was a #1 hit. He reached number 3 in US pop charts in 1975. However, the commercial success that was due, to his songwriting capabilities was still at large and eluded from him. The only consolation was the recognition that John Denver, Cher, Lyle Lovett, Claire Hamill, Hoyt Axton, Bobbie Gentry and the Monkees were covering his songs.

In 1985, he moved to Warner Bros. Records and released Tonight We Ride. It was after that season that he rejoined with his first love – cowboy music, and brought out the album "Cowboy Songs" that was a collection of well-known and traditional songs of that particular genre. The album was awarded gold and is supposed to be the first Western album to get that honor. He departed from Warner Bros. Records in 1998 and started a solo label. For the past two decades, he has been dedicated in organizing the Westfest arts festival in Colorado, which has hosted every major country music artist in the country!
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Michael Martin Murphey, the ‘singing cowboy poet' is a shining star in the horizon of American Cowboy music. He was a very successful country songwriter and singer with his biggest hit being "Wildfire" in the year 1975. He was born in the cowboy country – Texas on 13 March 1945. As he grew up, all he could think of is becoming a Baptist minister as he was influenced by gospel music. He also developed a special love for the ukulele and started mastering that by playing the works of Mark Twain and William Faulkner. He ventured into playing in clubs around Dallas, TX treating the local crowd to a mixture of country, folk, and rock music. Later, he moved to the Golden State to study poetry in UCLA. In that timeframe, he also gathered a small group of like-minded musicians – Nesmith, John London, John Raines and created an album that was never released leading to the disbandment of the coterie.
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