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From the United States of America comes a very talented personality who is an actor, comedy writer and comedian. He in none other than Michael Ian Black. Black has today proved himself as a very talented and capable artist today. His fame has spread all around the country and enjoys a lot popularity. You can watch the live shows of Michael Ian Black through availing tickets from Online Seats for the premium seats at low and discounted price.

Michael Ian Black was born on 12th August, 1971 as Michael Schwartz. His parents were Jill and Robert Schwartz and birth town being Chicago. But he grew up in Hillsborough. Black changed his name from Michael Schwartz to Michael Ian Black as there was another celebrity had same name birth name.
Black has been seen on the series of VH1 called 'I Love The..'. He has also done many other films and television shows. He was the anchor of the TV show Spy TV of NBC. In the show of NBC called Ed he has a role of a supporting cast.
Black was the member of The State which is a comedy group and thus started his career. With the group he did couple of television programs and even films. He was seen as "Johnny Bluejeans" in the show Viva Variety and also did a movie named Wet Hot American Summer. He shot to fame with the show "I Love the 70s/80s/90s" of VH1. In his shows Black does not spare even himself making fun of himself as he is a Jewish-American.
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In the later half of the year 2004 Michael Ian Black was the guest host of the show The Late Late Show on CBS. He even gave audition for anchoring the show permanently. Though he reached till the final stage but eventually Craig Ferguson was appointed for the role. Black sometimes also write the column called "Michael Ian Black Is A Very Famous Celebrity" on the online edition of McSweeney's. Black along with the two members of The State David Wain and Michael Showalter co wrote and also starred a show called Stella of Comedy Central. The show started in the June of 2005. Apart from these he also came on tow other show of Comedy Central namely Reno 911! and Crank Yankers. In the year of 2005 he wrote and directed a movie called The Pleasure of Your Company. The film had stars such as Joe Pantoliano, Jason Biggs, and Isla Fisher. He twice came on the show Tom Goes to the Mayor of Adult Swim. He has also appeared in a stop motion show of Seth Green called Robot Chicken as he gave his voice for it. He is frequently seen in Sierra Mist commercials.
Besides being a comedian and a actor Michael Ian Black for the past many years has been an amateur poker. As a celebrity competitor for many times he has come on the show Celebrity Poker Showdown. His first appearance on the show was for getting money for Endeavor House charity. But he could not beat Nicole Sullivan. In his next appearance his game improved and played for "MAZON - A Jewish Response to Hunger" charity. He won in the this round along with Norm MacDonald, Adam Rodriguez, Star Jones, and Jeremy Sisto.
Black has earned acclaim from the anchor of Celebrity Poker Showdown, Dave Foley as well by two poker experts Phil Gordon and Phil Hellmuth.

Michael Ian Black has been a wonderful entertainer all his life and has the knack of making people laugh. You can book tickets for live performance of Black with Online Seats.

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