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Mest is a Rock Group that was formed by cousins Tony and Matt Lovato. The brothers grew up across the street from each other in the Blue Island section of Chicago. They began playing together when they were seven years old. They borrowed instruments from Tony's father. Tony started playing the guitar and gave vocals while Matt played bass.

By the time they reached high school they really looked to build their band. While still in high school, they partnered with guitarist Jeremiah Rangel and drummer Nick Gigler to complete the lineup of the group. The name of the band "MEST" was suggested by Tony Lavato, he got the idea when he while looking at a case of Milwaukee's Best beer. He simply combined M of Milwaukee and and the "Mest" of the word Best. The band started performing in local Chicago punk clubs, and self-released their debut album, "Mo' Money, Mo "40s."
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They band still hadn't broken into the big league and didn't have a record deal. The finally got their long awaited break when Tony Lavato wrote to Goldfinger lead singer John Feldmann. The letter proved to be an ice breaker and got a positive response. Feldmann listened to the band's demo tape and agreed to let MEST open for Goldfinger in a few concerts. He also catapulted them into the main stream. He got them a record deal with Maverick, and produced their major label debut, "Wasting Time." The album was released in July 2000.

Mest came back in 2001 with their swanky second album entitled "Destination Unknown." The album had a lot of guest artists performing on it including Young MC and Save Ferris' Monique Powell. Their third album was a self titled offering and was released in June, 2003. The album also included a cameo from Good Charlotte's Benji Madden. The band then went into touring mode and embarked on a lengthy stretch of Warped Tour dates. The lengthy tour schedule took its toll on Mest and especially Tony Lovato who had to undergo back surgery. But these setback did not deter the band and they soldiered on. Mest released their fourth effort for Maverick titled "Photographs" in 2005.

The band are energetic and powerful performers. They will not disappoint you, their raw music and pulsating sounds are sure to keep you partying through he night. Contact your on-line ticket vendor and get the tickets to their concerts. Its a decision that you will not regret.


Take Me Away - 2005
Kiss Me, Kill Me - 2005
Photographs - 2005
Mest - 2003
Mest (Edited) - 2003
Destination Unknown - 2001
Wasting Time - 2000
Wasting Time (Edited) - 2000
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