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After spending the '80s as an unappreciated jangle-pop guitarist with Oh-OK and Lloyd Cole, as well as a solo artist, Matthew Sweet emerged in 1991 as the leading figure of the American power-pop revival. Like his British counterparts Teenage Fanclub, Sweet adhered to traditional songcraft, yet subverted the form by adding noisy post-punk guitar and flourishes of country-rock, resulting in an amalgam of the Beatles, Big Star, R.E.M. and Neil Young.

Matthew Sweet (born c. 1966) is a pop-rock musician from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
As a young musician wanting to make a name for himself, Sweet set off to Athens, Georgia in the mid '80s, to attend college and join the vibrant Athens music scene, most famous as the home base for R.E.M. and The B-52's. Matthew worked with R.E.M. leader Michael Stipe at this time, joining Michael's sister in a band called Oh-OK and then forming another band, Buzz of Delight. Before long he was signed to a solo recording contract with Columbia Records.

One album, Inside, was released by Columbia in 1986 to little success.

Sweet was then picked up by A&M Records where he released his second album, Earth (1989), again without commercial success. This period marked a personal and professional low point for Sweet, as A&M lost interest and his marriage failed.

Sweet quickly recovered, and put together a new band including Richard Lloyd, Robert Quine, Greg Leisz and Fred Maher. The new group spent 1990 putting together Sweet's next work, originally titled Nothing Lasts.

In 1990, A&M released Sweet from his contract, and he signed with rival Zoo Entertainment. The album, still under construction, was retitled Girlfriend and released in October 1991. This album featured a classic set of pop-rock songs, was considered by many to be an artistic breakthrough and quickly garnered impressive U.S. sales (spawning a top-10 single with the title track). Girlfriend continues to be regarded as Sweet's breakthrough album and some regard it a major '90s classic.

The video for the title track was featured on MTV, featuring Manga-style animation, of which Sweet is a fan.

Sweet's follow-up album, 1993's Altered Beast, was borne out of an apparent determination not to become mainstream. A more diverse and less immediately accessible album than Girlfriend, the album divided fans and critics who had mixed reactions to emotionally intense and brooding tracks like "Someone to Pull the Trigger" and "Knowing People".
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Released in the spring of 1995, 100% Fun received Sweet's strongest reviews to date and went gold on the strength of "Sick of Myself," his first single to scrape the bottom reaches of the pop charts.

Following 100% Fun, Sweet parted ways with Richard Lloyd and Robert Quine, but retained O'Brien for 1997's Blue Sky on Mars. Despite the strong initial placing for its lead single "Where You Get Love," Blue Sky on Mars received mixed reviews upon its spring release, and it failed to match the success of its immediate predecessor. In Reverse followed in 1999, and the best-of collection Time Capsule arrived a year later.

Decidedly out of the musical mainstream, Sweet would issue a few more albums in the second half of the decade and maintain a devoted core of fans, but critical acclaim and chart success would be hard to come by.

Sweet's international success had been somewhat limited by his fear of flying; however he gained a significant following in Japan and his most recent album, Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu, was a Japan-only release in 2003.

In early 2002 he formed the super group The Thorns with Shawn Mullins and Pete Droge.

When F. Scott Fitzgerald said there were no second acts to American lives, he wasn't factoring in that one day there'd come along a guy named Matthew Sweet to blow his proclamation to bits. Sweet started out recording harmless, ineffective power-pop for several labels before settling on the perfect balance between his '60s retro songcraft and the '90s marketplace by employing two of the '70s finest guitar players, Robert Quine (from Richard Hell & the Voidoids) and Richard Lloyd (Television) and allowing them to cut loose for his third album Girlfriend. Overnight, he'd gone from washed-up wimp-pop boy to poster child for '90s guitar pop.

Inside (1986)
Earth (1989)
Girlfriend (1991)
Altered Beast (1993)
Son of Altered Beast (1994)
100% Fun (1995)
Blue Sky on Mars (1997)
In Reverse (1999)
Time Capsule: Best of 90/00 (2000)
To understand: the early recordings of Matthew Sweet (2002)
Kimi Ga Suki (Japan only) (2003)
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