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Driven with talent and passion, Dusk recorded four CDs (including 'The way it is) without the backing of any major deal. Many songs from those CDs were on the internet. Decca Records signed him up in 2004. in the same year, Dusk was invited to perform as an entertainer at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas during the filming of FOX hit reality show, 'The Casino'.

On June 5, 2004 his debut album 'two Shots' was released. It was produced by Robin Smith, Terry Sawchuk and Nigel Lowis. Musicians like Bono and The Edge from U2, the Toronto Symphonic Orchestra and a 42-piece string section from the prestigious Royal philharmonic Orchestra which was recorded at London's Abbey Road. Matt Dusk also covered the Beatles and frank Sinatra. However, song-wise and arrangement-wise, the material is original and 100% Matt Dusk. His talent is confirmed by his ability to carry many different tunes, while he expresses heartfelt emotions through his poetic lyrics. After the release,Dusk's fame skyrocketed and the album was certified Gold in Canada. In the US, it was #10 in the Billboards Top Contemporary Jazz albums Chart.

The next year, Dusk followed up with a holiday album entitled 'Peace on Earth'. Canadian singer,'Hawksley Workman' performs with Dusk in 'Peace on Earth'/ 'Little Drummer Boy'. Featuring only Seven songs Matt compensates it with giving each a flavor. The lyrics evoke the warmth and coziness of Christmas. The superb orchestration starts out as a slow mellow jazz and grows to a full-blown orchestrated, toe-tapping swing number. The album will leave your hips swaying while you feel warm and fuzzy.

In 2006, Dusk released his fourth studio album, 'Back in Town:. The album was recorded at LA's Capitol records with a 58 piece orchestra. The album included Matt's signed liner notes on quality paper with a slick and shiny finish. The old songs include, 'As Time goes By', 'The best is yet to come', 'April Moon', 'More', 'On the street where you live' and 'Get me to Church on time'. Only Dusk has the voice and musical ability to pull off the variety. The opening song is 'Back in Town', a fast-paced song which really showcases Dusk's great pipes. 'All about me' is also an upbeat track that will have you swinging. Though all the other songs are love ballads, they are refreshing ballads each with Dusk's signature in it.

Bono himself gave his stamp of approval to this rising Jazz star. He tours throughout o screaming fans. The fans and critics buy tickets to watch and discuss Dusk's music while the girls are here to drool. Whichever category one falls in, its hard to resist Dusk's talent and looks.
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Born Matthew Aaron Dusk in 1979 in Toronto, Matt dreamt of a recording career selling tickets and albums worldwide. He realized his dream when legends Bono and The Edge of U2 fame wrote 'Two shots of Happy, One shot of sad' for his first album, 'Two Shots'.

At 7, he was singing for the St. Michael's choir school where he stayed for eleven years. Although Dusk was initially into Opera and Classical music, Tony Bennett and Sarah Vaughan would alter his musical direction forever. In 1998, Dusk beat out 654 contenders to win the Canadian National Exhibition Rising Star Competition. He landed in Toronto's York University to study Economics as he had to follow the family business. Following his heart, he changed to a BFA program which emphasized on Jazz and popular music.
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