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Matthew Miller, the famous star was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on 30th June, 1979. Miller is now commonly known and he has been recognized as Matisyahu. This immensely talented musician and gifted singer did not grow up as an orthodox religious Jew; Miller spent most of his precious adolescence in seeking and suddenly jumping from one exciting experience to another. The life was not so smooth for him and after a consistent struggle and tremendous self determination, he found heavenly peace in Hasidic Judaism, and eventually incorporated it in his soulful music. Matthew has been truly inspired by many famous musicians like Phish, Bob Marley, and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Matisyahu's enormous fans belong to different religions and ethnicities. Matthew performs occasionally with well known Muslim beatboxer Kenny Muhammad. Like any another 14 years younger lad, he was absolutely comfortable with his so called laid-back lifestyle. By the time, he firmly fit in with the famous Hippie crowd and grew some dreadlocks and also wore his Birkenstocks all winter long. Everything was going fine and he also learnt to play the big bongos in the lunchroom with heavy beat-box. Life was as usual same for him and by the time Matisyahu reached eleventh grade, in spite of being totally carefree, surprisingly he began to feel a great and awful void in his life. This void was continuous agony for him and to get rid of the pangs of this void, eventually he decided to embark on an adventurous camping trip in Colorado. This trip proved as a turning point of his life and he found the tremendous opportunity to do some real self introspection. In this wilderness of the thick Rocky Mountains, he had a complete life changing realization.
Soon, after returning from Colorado; he felt a sort of spiritual curiosity and then he made his very first trip to Israel. This journey proved as another blissful experience for him and for the first time in his small life, he really felt the same deep connection to the God almighty that he had already felt in Colorado. Matisyahu really enjoyed the precious time he spent in Jerusalem. This was the right time for him to discover his hidden blissful joy and he explored, prayed, and danced away his soothing time. After he returned back to his homeland he didn't know exactly how to keep his new and soulful connection with God.

This eventually, led him to leave his school and he joined a Jewish band. This was not the right track for him to follow and this proved as a heartbreaking experience and felt completely burnt out. After this incident he went to a wilderness school which was situated in Bend, Oregon. This new school was a very good experience for him and it really encouraged his artistic pursuits. This really helped him and he took great advantage of this and then deeply delves into his music. During his musical training he studied reggae and hip-hop very deeply. During this very conducive time, he began to develop his own special and unique reggae/hip-hop sound.

A 19-year old Matisyahu came back to New York after completing his studies in the school. Now, he was a completely changed man. After this he joined "The New School;" he thoroughly continued honing his latent musical skills, and during this period of time he also tried a hand at the world of theater. While he was studying at The New School; he also wrote a good play called "Echad." Most of his tracks are in English with a few words of Yiddish and Hebrew. After years being in the dark, he finally got the attention in the mainstream music that he really deserves. His first album which is a live version of the famous song "King without a Crown;" this track is acclaimed as the huge hit and it is on the brink of really breaking into the Modern Rock Top 20. This talented artist is due to release his new album in 2006. Matisyahu's rhythms and sounds are really taking the world of sensational music by storm. This unique star has already gained a cult of followers. His live performances would be an excellent treat to watch with so much to experience.
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