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Master P's first two albums ('Get away clean' and 'Mama's bad boy') bombed. With the music market awareness he picked up from ruining the store, he realized there was a dearth of major labels that would support 'Gangsta-Rap'.
In 1994, under his own No Limit Records label, he released his new album 'The Ghetto's tryin' to kill me'. This album and the next EP, '99 Ways to Die' sold 200,000 through word-of-mouth and without any major distribution. Master P signed a deal with Priority and his 1996 album, 'The Ice Cream man' debuted at #3 in the Billboard Charts sold 8,00,000 units and counting.

1997 saw the release of the much anticipated 'Ghetto D' and also saw No Limit Records into a mini-empire . It features collaborations with TRU (Master P and brothers, Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder), Foxy Brown, Mystikal, Mia X and E-40 among others. With tracks like 'I miss my homies', 'Bourbons & lace', 'Make em say uhh' and 'Weed and Money' the album went 3x Diamond. 'MP The Last Don', his next release in 1998 went 4x platinum. P was hailed as not just a great rapper but an astute business Mogul too. In 1999, P signed a contract with NBA's Toronto Raptors. He also plays basketball for the Fort Wayne Fury in the Continental Basketball Association. P's next album, 'Only God can judge me' went Gold. It features the song 'Step to this'. His next album, 2000's 'Ghetto Postage' fared better, reaching #1 in charts. 'Bout that', the definitive Master P song was a part of this record.

2001 saw the release of 'Game Face' which sold only 800,000 worldwide alone while his next album 'Good side, bad side' (2004) sold 500,000 worldwide. P's last two albums are 'Ghetto Bill and 'America's most Luved bad Guy'.

P has also dabbled in movies. 1997's 'I'm 'bout it' was made on a shoestring budget made sales of over 500,000 units. He has also done a lot of cameos on television too, 'CSI:NY', 'Dark Angel', 'Malcolm and Eddie' to name a few.

Master P is a true rarity. From his humble roots, P has reached heights not many will for ages. He did it with only his skill and a keen business sense. Fans still buy his records and tickets to watch this multi-talented titan.
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Master P, among a list of firsts is foremost a talented rapper who has sold millions of tickets and sold around 75 million albums. This southern rapper was the first ever rapper to be worth over $100 million and then worth over $300 million. He paved the way for more rappers to become independent and produce their own albums.

On April 29, 1967, Master P was born Percy Miller in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up in New Orleans' Calliope projects, regular hustling ingrained entrepreneurial skills in him. Master P's basketball skills were good enough to earn a college scholarship to the University of Houston where he studied business. He soon left Houston for California , later joining Meritt Junior College in Oakland. With the $15,000 he inherited from his grandfather, he started his own record store, No Limit Records., which'd later turn to a label.
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