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John Marty Stuart was born on September 30, 1958 in Philadelphia, Mississippi to proud parents John and Hilda. Marty loved music at an early age. His momma says as an infant, Marty would hold on to "this little music box and wouldn't let go. We would keep winding and winding it for him. We have pictures of him lying in his crib holding that music box and listening to 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' over and over. He just loved it."

Marty got his first guitar at age 3. It was only the crank-up kind but it didn't take long for Marty to focus on music. By age 5, he wanted a REAL guitar. Marty began teaching himself to play the guitar and began playing the mandolin a few years later. His mom, who worked in a bank, loaned Marty the money to buy his first mandolin.

School didn't interest Marty--music did. In the sixth grade, Marty wrote an essay about what he was going to do, right down to the songs he was going the sing, the kind of music he would make, the awards he was going to win, and where he was going to live. It appeared to be destiny that Marty would grow up to be the Hillbilly Rocker.

While kids Marty's age were more interested in after-school play, Marty was enjoying the sounds of Flatt & Scruggs and Johnny Cash on the stereo and remembers giving away his copy of Meet The Beatles. Marty's mom and dad loved music too and took Marty to see Bill Monroe perform. The music Marty absorbed went into his soul--and Mr. Monroe's mandolin pick found a place in Marty's hand. It became a prized possession--carrying it to school in his pocket.
Marty first saw Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass at Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom Festival in 1971. Marty says, "I stood by his bus to watch him come out. When Lester finally came out of the bus, the speech I'd planned for about seven years kind of got lost inside of me. I did manage to get an autograph." Marty was in awe of the master. Marty also met the man who would play a pivotal role in launching Marty's professional music career--Roland White--a member of Lester's band. Roland obviously saw talent as Marty played the mandolin for him.

Marty's early performances were with the bluegrass band The Sullivans. They played festivals and Pentecostal churches in the South. Marty would travel and perform with them on weekends and during the summer. It was during one of these festivals that Marty ran into Roland again. This time Roland gave Marty his phone number and told him to call him if Marty could ever come out on the road with them for a weekend.

Marty could think of nothing else. School didn't interest him. He daydreamed about bluegrass music and preferred reading country music magazines in class over history books. Upon being "caught" by the teacher and sent home from school, Marty decided to call Roland. The invitation was still open but Marty had to convince his mom and dad to let him go.

It wasn't easy for Hilda and John to send their son to Nashville on a bus--but they did and upon Marty's arrival in Nashville, he saw the Ryman Auditorium, then home of the Grand Ole Opry. That Labor Day weekend road trip in 1972 to Delaware ended with Lester offering Marty a full-time job with his band. Marty agonized over whether his parents would allow him to pursue his dream. "I knew they would do what was right," Marty says. "And I knew that Lester would shoot straight with them. He assured them I'd be seen after, that I'd keep a little money and send the rest to the bank. He'd have our manager, Lance Leroy, work out the details of how to finish my education. And he would assume responsibility for it all."

Marty performed with Lester until his death in 1979. At age 20, Marty had lost a hero, a mentor, a father-figure and a friend. The fire of music burned in Marty's blood and he had to move on. He went on the road with fiddler Vassar Clements, worked with Doc and Merle Watson, toured with Bob Dylan, played as a session musician on albums by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young and Billy Joel.
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