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Mark was born on August 23, 1932, in Buffalo, NY. He is currently based out of Washington DC. His famous comedy series began n 1975 and has been running non-stop ever since then. It is quite obvious that he is a man of limitless comic abilities to be able to stretch his shows for such a long time. His show has been rated consistently as one of the top shows on television. He does not have any reservations in admitting that he dodge the draft in his young days. He managed to circumvent that situation by joining the Marine Corps. He landed himself in the gloomy smoky bars of Washington DC. Later, he took an offer in the Capitol Hill bar, where he worked through his days catching glimpses of the politicians that came by to down a couple of drinks. He kept their moods light with his funny songs.

Right when the New Frontier was invading Washington Mark Russell showed up in the Shoreham Hotel for a two-week gig. What started as a two-week affair, lasted for twenty years. The politicians used to hang out in The Marquee Lounge where they listened to Mark's comedy on their own performance in that day.

Mark's syndicated columns do the rounds all over America in the form of CDs, tapes and videos. Everyone without party barriers appreciates his political satire. That reputation also complements Marks neutral poise. It is his special trait to criticize both Democrats and the Republicans fairly equally. Hopefully he continues to tickle more funny bones and keeps the world of politics light and lively!
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A maestro tries to listen to a rhythm in all that falls on his hear. A connoisseur of food imagines anything that walks or sways garnished on his dinner plate. Similarly Mark Russell, as a seasoned comedian saw something funny in all that he came across in his daily life. He is humor personified that he himself is quoted as saying 'Sometimes jokes jump off the newspaper and write themselves up'. Mark Russell is a familiar name in the American small screen world. He has appeared in PBS for the past 26 years, tickling the funny bone of many Americans. The TV guide dubs him as the funniest man on television. He is also well known as a pianist and singer. He is famous for playing notes on Piano in between his talking. One of his other talents is scripting satirical lyrics for popular tunes.
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