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A truly wonderful act of jugglery, that is nothing less than brilliant. Mark Nizer is one of the greatest entertainer comedians & jugglers performing on stage today. A show filled with both the acts of jugglery combined with the entertaining touch to it as well as the comedy mixed with the acts of jugglery. A witty presentation touched with the extreme brilliance of the man himself makes this show an instant hit. That is the prime reason why theatre owners mark the show, as 'Its no mistake Mark Nizer's show is house full'. People throng to the theatres to witness this amazing show of humorous jugglery. It is sometimes hard to believe that no tickets are available for the shows.

Making the impossible possible and the improbable probable is what this show is famous for. Mark Nizer has taken his one-man show to a variety of destinations around the world, including The Improv, The Comedy Store, Walt Disney World, numerous college campuses, and all major cruise lines. He has also performed in thousands of opera houses, civic centers, festivals and performing arts centers including the Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. From the minute he steps on the stage, until the standing ovation at the end of his performance he holds the audience spellbound. The audience is completely under a spell of hypnotism, it seems.  With entertainment magazines full of praises for this one-man show, he continues to attract people around the globe with his ever-increasing range of acts.
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Apr 7 Sat 11:00 AM Mark Nizer American Theatre - Hampton
Hampton, VA
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An easy & cooperative perform who keeps the stage presence so powerful by his speech that sometimes his jugglery acts become a secondary object. Not taking anything away from his art of jugglery he weaves a web around his audience with a sweetish tinge of humor attached to his acts. His wild exploits have landed him on the worlds greatest stages ever. He has also performed for MTV, HBO, & has also opened with some of the other comedians like Jerry Seinfield, Bob Hope, Johm Byner to name a few. Every time he steps onto the stage he performs even better, it seems like he is competing with himself to become better & better.

A totally fun filled jugglery show & the charisma of the man himself, theatre owners feel proud to have staged the show. With such a huge fan following across the globe, his show enjoys the status of being one of the many theatrical shows that always attract people to the ticketing counters. Encompassing all the ingredients to have a house full at all times, many of the enthusiasts leave empty handed from the counter. Thus if you are one of them you need to grab your tickets at the earnest.