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Mark is a successful music artist with about six music videos in his track record. Two of them went platinum and four went gold. 'Mark Lowry on Broadway' climbed up to the top spot on the Billboard music video chart as soon as it was released. It is believed that Mark had joked that all his videos in fact went 'aluminium'. His 'Mark Lowry Goes to Hollywood' was released in September 2005. He observes that all his videos were nice and he personally liked them. But he also professes that it is not the fun and humor, but actually the gospel messages at the end that carried the actual value in those videos.

He ventured into event management and organizing in 2005. Along with a bunch of friends, he put together Senior Trip with the sole objective of providing fun and relaxation for the citizens above 50. It was kicked off in April of 2006 and is expected to be functional in the time to come. He travels around the country on the 'God Is Crazy About You' tour and is expected to advocate the super-being's love and grace towards the mortals. His show tickets are worth hunting for and they provide an opportunity to laugh and think at the same time!
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Feb 24 Sat 7:30 PM Mark Lowry Honeywell Center
Wabash, IN
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Jun 9 Sat 7:00 PM Mark Lowry American Music Theatre
Lancaster, PA
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While it is very easy to inflict pain on someone, it is quite difficult to instill laughter in his or her heart. It is an art and something that you cannot develop over time if it is not there in your instincts. Mark Lowry is one such guy who was gifted with that art. He has continued to perform the art of making people laugh for about 26 years. It is interesting that he was never aspiring to become a comedian. He just discovered that in him at some point in life. Mark went to the Liberty University to earn a Business degree. During that time, he felt the call of God in his inner soul and joined an evangelical group. When he graduated in 1980, he started to give singing performances in Baptist churches. As he admits later, his sense of humor was just serendipity. While on stage, he used to talk about himself and his testimony, just to make up for the 'dead air' time when the soundtracks were being changed. The crowd began to like that and as time went by Mark discovered where he was heading.

In 1988, Bill Gaither offered Mark a baritone position in his Gaither Band. There started a long journey and Mark stayed with the vocalist band for a period of 13 years. More than his singing talents, the people were amused by Mark's histrionics on stage. He was re-branded as a songwriter in 1984. While given an opportunity to write a Christmas Play, Mark jotted down some funny but meaningful questions that he would supposedly ask God if he met him. Those questions were interspersed in the play especially when scenes change. That pattern of his became successful. Those lyrics occupied center stage in the professional songwriting arena too. After six years, his words were given song form with Buddy Greene scoring the music. The song 'Mary, Did you know', became very popular and it was re-recorded by a host of other artists and sung in multiple venues.
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