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Marcy Playground emerged in the late '90s with the omnipresent radio hit, 'Sex and Candy,' which seemed to strike a chord with its darkly witty lyrics and palatable quirkiness. Lumped in with the group of critically maligned artists deemed as 'Post Grunge,' Marcy Playground have shown more creativity than the watered-down edginess of other Buzz Bin candidates. Showing more than a passing interest in songwriting, front man John Wozniak manages to express his 'I'm an outsider' vibe with well-placed minor keys and radio-friendly orchestration.
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The creation of singer John Wozniak (b. 19 January 1971), this US alternative rock outfit was signed by EMI Records in the mid-90s on the strength of Wozniak's demo album From The Marcy Playground, recorded under the name Zog Bogbean. Shortly after the release of Marcy Playground's self-titled debut album, EMI America closed its offices and Wozniak was forced to move to a new home at Capitol Records. Luckily, a single culled from the debut, 'Sex And Candy', was beginning to pick up radio and press attention, eventually reaching number 1 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 8 on the Hot 100 singles chart. Capitol repressed the debut album under its own imprint. However, Wozniak was keen that the single's success should not distract listeners from the other material on the album and considered leaving it off. Other stand-out tracks on the record included 'Poppies', which dealt with the opium wars, and 'Saint Joe On The School Bus', an endearing tale about school misfits. Other contributors to the project included drummer Dan Rieser, bass player Dylan Keefe (b. 11 April 1970) and cellist Jen Handler, though Marcy Playground remains very much Wozniak's creation. Shapeshifter, released in November 1999, was a more impressive album which unfortunately lacked a stand-out track of the quality of 'Sex And Candy'.
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