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Come get your tickets to see one of the most underrated bands on the planet, a band that is still pretty much touring in their own van and cutting their own albums despite being hailed as the next big thing by a variety of respected critics- come get your tickets to see Marah live in concert! Marah embody the gritty emotion that comes from working hard to make your music and bring it to the people- devoid of any kind of shine or polish, the raw power and passion that drives this band is what comes shining through time and again.

Marah started out in 1995 and its current line up consists of brothers Dave and Serge Bielanko, who are the core founding members. The other members include Kirk Henderson, Adam Garbinski and Dave Peterson. Their sound is a unique blend of blues, folk, punk, country, Philly soul and doo wop and as one critic rightly pointed out, their sound is innovative, creative and ambitious. They have often been hailed as barstool poets and their sound and lyrics often embody themes like personal relationships and the struggle to survive within the working class.
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Despite the garage atmosphere of the band, they have played in no less than fourteen countries and have eleven albums under their belt. Their very first record was put together above a garage- it would be their 2005 release If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry that would be their first studio effort. The album contains some of the band's most poignant songwriting and has a wide range of musical instruments, including maracas, wine glass rims, a tack piano and even a barking dog!

These guys have been championed by some of the most respected and admired writers and critics around. Though they have yet to taste mainstream success, they have a huge and loyal fan following, thanks to their intense gigging schedules that they have followed for the past ten years. The band is currently slated to appear at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Spontaneous, passionate and gritty, you never know what to expect with Marah, except really great music, no matter what.

Get in gear and find out how you can score tickets to see Marah live in concert. Contact your online ticket vendor today for more details.

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