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In 1978, Mama's Pride toured as the back up for Gregg Allman's band. Their identity was interchanged conveniently. When the show opened it was Mama's Pride and finally came back out as Gregg Allman band. Though a mutually beneficial arrangement, it did not extend for long as Gregg Allman left to rejoin the Allman Brothers band and the group disbanded in 1982. Besides being dropped by the label, there were other reasons that led to the breaking up of the band. The original founder members Pat and Dan got married and felt that the "Rock and Roll" type of lifestyle did not complement their familial responsibilities. In 1987, there was a hope of the band re-emerging when a local Radio Station in St. Louis sponsored a reunion concert. Though the show was a huge success, the hope that it offered about the resurrection of the band turned out be a mirage. The reunion was short-lived and just one time only. There was yet another opportunity for a reunion in 1992 when there was some thoughts about bringing the band back to life by writing and recording some new materials. Pat was not convinced of this idea but Dan persisted. That persistence gave shape to the new album " Guard Your Heart". It was quite different in sound and style from the previous albums and was classified as Christian Rock. Jim Gaines produced the album and much of the content was about the real life incidents and experience of the songwriters.

Pat Liston, Danny Liston, Max Baker, Kevin Sanders, Dickie Steltenpohl and Paul Willett were the original members of the band and in its lifetime, Mama's pride released three albums out of which two are out of print and not re-released on CD. Some of Mama's Pride's best known numbers include "Blue Mist", "She's a Stranger to Me Now", "In the Morning", and "Merry-Go-Round". They still continue to treat their fans with twice a year shows in The Pageant Theatre with sold out tickets.


Mama's Pride(First album)
Uptown and Lowdown (Second album)
Guard Your Heart (Third album)
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Well, the rock band Mamma's Pride was also St. Louis' pride. That is not just an artificial pun but also a reality. They are very fondly remembered and celebrated as "The pride of St. Louis" by the citizens of St. Louis, MO, which is the band's birthplace. Their music journey started in 1974 when a troupe from Atlantic Records followed them a nightclub in Tampa, FL. Atco records (a division of Atlantic Records offered to record their first album, which they accepted with alacrity. The first album came out shortly and Frank Gagliano, a member of the troupe considers that first tape, the group's highlight. Following the live recording, the vocals and overdub were all completed in just an astonishing three days of time. Then came the second album – ""Uptown and Lowdown" in 1976. There was a specialty attached with it as Timothy B. Schmidt (of The Eagles) sang back up vocals on the song "Merry-Go-Round". In the following year 1977, the label started positioning the group as a southern rock band and combined them with the likes of "The Outlaws". But on the other hand, the members of Mama's Pride did not consider that favorable. As a result, differences surfaced and the label dropped the band.
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