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The award winning pop icon Madonna has been a fixture in American mainstream culture since the 1980’s. Madonna is most well known for her musical performances and hit songs like "Papa Don't Preach," "Like a Prayer," "Vogue," and “Secret” but is also an accomplished business woman, producer, author,director and actress. In 2008 Forbes magazine named Madonna the world's wealthiest female musician.

 Madonna lost her mother at the age of five and became a rebellious teenager. However, she was highly disciplined when it came to school and academics. Though she rejected her family’s conservative demeanor, she was an excellent student and received a full scholarship to the University of Michigan School of Theater and Dance. After two years at the school she dropped out and moved to New York City to pursue a career in modern dance. Once in the city, she was introduced to the head of a vaudeville review in France and spent some time as a showgirl in Paris. There she found her passion for singing and performing and returned to the states to be the drummer and lead singer for a band called The Breakfast Club. From 1980-1983, Madonna formed several bands of her own before going solo and signing with Sire records to release her first album.

 Once her first single Everybody made the dance charts, it did not take long for young girls to start imitating Madonna’s fashion style. Fishnet stockings, lace lingerie, fingerless gloves and large crucifix necklaces all came into fashion thanks to Madonna. Her second album “Like a Virgin” went platinum in a month and the “Queen of Pop” took the world by storm. The next 5 years were a whirlwind as Madonna starred in film, created icon music videos, and continuously reinvented her image. Madonna is said to be one of the most influential artists in American music history and is still making waves today.

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Madonna tickets have sold worldwide for the venerable singer and actress that has had more career rebirths than one can imagine. Fan in the ‘80s bought Madonna tickets for a pop princess with catchy lyrics and bubble gum sounds, fans in the ‘90s purchased Madonna tickets for her erotic shows that pushed the barriers, and in the 21st century fans fight over tickets to see the latest version of the pop star, one who has embraced dance music and hip hop.

Madonna began as a dancer long before she worried about selling tickets to her latest Tour. It was while on tour as a dancer after leaving college at the behest of her ballet teacher. The dancer became a music artist soon after and by the early ‘80s was selling Madonna tickets around New York. Soon her albums exploded on the charts and frequent plays brought Madonna tickets in to great demand for all her stops on the tour schedule.

Always the enterprising force, she sold tickets at the box office when she began to act in films. Though her movie tickets sold far less than the Madonna tickets for her shows, she established herself as an important artist who would not go the way of Tiffany and simply fade away as the decade moved on and music tastes changed.

Her music style and her lyrics became riskier, drawing the ire of the Catholic Church. The public disapproval from the Vatican only encouraged the sale of Madonna tickets and soon she began her own entertainment company. As Madonna tickets began to fall out of favor, she returned to film and won the hearts of fans all over again with her performance in Evita. She would later marry Guy Ritchie and raise a family while continuing to tour the world and sell Madonna tickets to a new generation of pop fans.

Online Seats will have the Madonna tickets for her latest album, Hard Candy, as the tour takes on the world and proves that the queen of reinvention can still perform with the best of them. Madonna tickets are sure to be expensive, but the ticket broker will have great seats throughout the concert schedule. Simply look at the seating chart and compare it to the seating chart to see the terrific value of our Madonna tickets. Find the best seat for your dollar and complete your order with on our secure system or over the phone and enjoy seeing Madonna live, for the first time or for the 100th.

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