Madeleine Peyroux Tickets for Sale

Year 1996 saw Peyroux release her first album titled 'Dreamland' on Atlantic Records. The album received a stupendous response. The album's songs like 'Always a Use,' 'Hey Sweet Man,' and 'Dreamland' gained a lot of popularity bringing the young singer accolades and encouraging reviews from all directions. Even her debut album made it clear that she is exceptionally talented and her articulate voice is not much dependent on complex gadgets. Devoid of any heavy sounds, the album's music was widely appreciated, as was Peyroux's lucid voice. The album sparked comparisons of the singer with the legendary singer Billie Holiday. But when listened attentively, it becomes quite obvious that Peyroux has a got a distinctive style. After some heavy touring which earned her millions of new fans, Peyroux went back to the recording studio and brought out a soothing album titled 'Careless Love' (2004). The album proved to be a success and once again brought the singer rave reviews. Her recently released album is 'Half The Perfect World' (2006). This album has also been warmly received.

Be it releasing superlative albums or giving mesmerizing live performances, Peyroux never fails to leave her mark. Her charismatic persona and magnetism attract people in large numbers. Her shows always register overwhelming turnouts. So act fast and place the order with your online ticket vendor right now!
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Madeleine Peyroux burst on to the music scene with her spectacular record 'Dreamland.' Her uniquely melodious voice, unadulterated by the techno-sounds and other such artistry, does take the listeners to a dreamland. Especially during her live concerts, she bewitches the audience with her genuinely mellifluous voice. She began performing at a very young age. Since then she has been giving stellar live performances and has cut some wonderful albums. Her captivating persona and honeyed voice spellbind the multitudes and when they recover from the trancelike state, all they are able to do is shout for more of her music. This diva is scheduled to commence her concerts shortly but because of the huge rush tickets shall be difficult to find. To avoid the long queues and disappointment of missing out on all the fun, book your tickets through your online ticket vendor.

Born in Athens, Georgia, Peyroux spent her childhood in Southern California, Brooklyn, and Paris. She commenced singing when she was all of 15 years old. Around this time she got attracted to several street musicians because of their straight-from-the-heart approach toward music. She even joined a group called the Riverboat Shufflers where initially she would pass on the hat for collections. Later on she gained a lot of reputation for her brilliant singing skills. Her exceptional talent got noticed and soon she would be seen touring the whole of Europe with the famous band 'Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band. She was only 16 then. Her studies took a backseat but she was surely on the roll as far as her musical career was concerned. Working with this group paved the way for her debut album as she extensively honed her skills while working with Lost Wandering Blues. They would perform the songs of music greats like Fats Waller, Billie Holiday and others.