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The success of his debut led him to performances where he opened for Nelly at Radio city hall, 2003's NBA All Star events and B.B. King's Lounge and Grill,to name a few. Most prominently, he performed the anthem he wrote for the NAACP, "Thank God for the NAACP". Lyfe is featured in LL Cool J's latest album "Todd Smith" in the song "Freeze". With the success and praise his debut album garnered,it would have been a difficult act to follow. Not for Lyfe. 2006 saw the release of "The Phoenix", in reference to the rebirth of his career and his life in general. He even appeared in "Good Morning America" due to public anticipation of his second album. It sold 136,000 copies and reached #2 on the US charts and #1 on the R & B Charts. For this album, he worked with a slew of artists including Fantasia in "Hypothetically"; Young Buck and Doc Black in "Slow Down"; La La Brown for "S.E.X."; as well as Project Pat and Oscar-winner Three 6 Mafia in "Still here" . "S.E.X." is a positive message directed to young girls about their sexuality and not be pressurized early into having sex and boyfriends. "Ghetto Superman" is an honest, well-penned song about his growing up years and urban turbulence. "We grew up in the gutter eatin' peanut butter sandwiches/With no jam", goes the piercing lyrics.

"I felt blessed just knowing that at least somebody appreciated my struggle, my experience and my life."

Lyfe tours with his back-up band or with other bands throughout the country to meet fans who buy his concert tickets a true "Lyfe" experience.
Despite all the joyful ups and painful downs, Lyfe has a growing fan-base who regularly buy tickets to watch this multi-dimensional talent. A platinum-selling R & B and Soul singer, songwriter and producer, he plays a myriad of instruments-guitar, bass and piano - to the joy of listeners worldwide. Fans and critics dig that his music and lyrics paint real life ghetto stories and not just the tried and tested themes of women and money. "I'm happy with the way my career is going, but at the same time I haven't really focused on the sales and attention as much as I have my craft. It's sort of like when you're painting a picture and somebody asks how it looks. You really can't judge because you're in the middle of creating it. After you're done you can step back and examine it. Right now? I'm still painting a picture."

His musical career started in the church of his hometown, Toledo, Ohio. He formed "The Dotsons"along with his older brother and two cousins.

In 1992 after his release from prison he recorded a four-song demo. Shortly, he was on-stage at the Apollo. The audience, enthralled with his tight falsetto and songwriting, gave him a standing ovation. The crowd was so impressed, he won 5 Amateur nights in a row. Back in Ohio, his answering machine had messages from interested Label Execs and Talent Scouts. Eventually, he moved to New York City and won a deal with Columbia Records with whom he released his debut album, "268-192" (his prison identification number). This is one of those rare albums you can sway to or just sit back with whiskey in hand and quietly enjoy its poetry and sound. His songs depict the gritty street-life in a soulful tone. It is a consummate story of a man's life with subjects ranging from experiences in church, the streets, prison, relationships and everything in between. An all overall good album, the stars of the album however are "cry"; "stick up kid";"The way i feel about you" and "Hypothetically".
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