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Only after six albums and five movies, in 1989, she officially re-christened her professional name as Lucero. It was time to appear back on TV and she appeared in Cuando Llega El Amor and bagged the TVyNovelas Award for Best Actress. Lucero Repeated the same in 1994 and 1996, this time for a different show Los Parientes Pobres and Lazos De Amor.

It was in 1997, she cast her next important move, this time, in personal life and got married. As any other celebrity wedding, it was given all the due limelight it deserves and was televised in both US and Mexico through Televisa and Univison. From then until 2004 she appeared as the host of Teletón Mexico. There was some drama in 2003, when one of her private bodyguards brandished a pistol at the reporters that covered the presentation of her theatre show Regina. Later, she starred in Televisa's soap opera - Alborada, which earned very high TV ratings in Mexico. She is now promoting Quiereme Tal Como Soy, which was released in September 2006. There is much more to come from this talented performer and her fans are going to be hunting for her tickets all along in the days to come.


Quiereme Tal Como Soy (2006)
Cuando Sale Un Lucero (2004)
Un Nuevo Amor (2002)
Mi Destino (2000)
Un Lucero En La México (1999)
Cerca De Tí (1998)
Piel De Angel (1997)
Siempre Contigo (1995)
Cariño De Mis Cariños (1994)
Veleta (1993)
Lucero De México (1992)
Sólo Pienso En Tí (1991)
Con Mi Sentimiento (1990)
Cuéntame (1989)
Ocho Quince (1988)
Un Pedacito De Mí (1986)
Fuego y Ternura (1985)
Con Tan Pocos Años (1983)
El (1982)
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Dec 16 Sat 8:00 PM Lucero - The Band Minglewood Hall
Memphis, TN
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Lucero was a child prodigy who set out in the world of music and theatre even at the early age of 10. Since then, she has her name affixed in both forms of media – audio and the visual. But her successes in the music industry weigh slightly more than that of hers in the visual form.

Born on Aug 29, 1979, in Mexico city she kick started her career when she appeared in the children's television series Alegrías Del Mediodía. She also performed with the international artist Thalía in a singing competition. She also donned the role of Olive Oyl in a Popeye skit. As years passed by, she grew into a much more beautiful lass and bought herself a role in the movie Coqueta, alongside singer / actor Pedro Fernandéz. She performed well in another opportunity, the telenova, Chispita. After a modest stint in visual media, Lucero branched out to music as she released her first album in1982. The name of the album was Él, and was written and produced by Sergio Andrade. It was a time where her records were valued more for her cutesy charms than her vocal talent. This situation changed in 1985 with the release of Magia, her next album that had a new look and style as well. She took a teen-pop route to give her first hit Fuego y ternura, written by singer/songwriter Prisma. That hit brought her popularity in the Mexican and Latin American music industry. Following that, Un Pedacito De Mi, was her next album on Discos Musart, which was owned by Sergio Andrade. But, in 1986, she left Discos Musart and partnered with Discos Melody to release Lucerito, which was her debut record with them, in 1987. It was a huge hit and not only did it win her fame but also brought her some good competition as she was seen more seriously as an artist to reckon with.
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