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Lowen and Navarro looked up to "Broken Moon " as their second album, when they released it after three years with the help of Parachute-Mercury records. The disc once again sailed through the airwaves at Triple-A-Radio with a couple of hit songs. They resorted to a few months of touring consolidating their fan base and pepping up the premium for their show tickets. Mercury purchased out "Walking On A Wire" and re-released it with added bonus tracks, which would turn out to be radio hits once again. 1995 saw "Pendulum" swinging in their favor with not just a bunch of good numbers from their repertoire but also collaborative songs with greats like Jules Shear, Billy Steinberg, and Gretchen Peters.

In 1997, they signed with Intersound Records to bring out "Live Wire" followed by another one that received significant airplay. Following that, they floated their own music recording company Red Hens Records there by releasing their second live collection "Live Radio", in 2002, which consisted of in-studio performances from a public radio program. In 2004 they had all the time in the world to publish "All the Time In The World", their greatest work, in 2004. "All the Time In The World" had all the support in the world as it was funded by a lot of Lowen and Navarro's fans. All was going on fine until Lowen was diagnosed with an incurable neuro-muscular disease and all of a sudden a pall of gloom descended on the music duo's plans.

Much of 2006 was used to release a bunch of music videos capturing L&N's career retrospectively. More releases are planned for the year 2007. It is with their live concerts that L&N shot to fame and won the respect of the fans. They would be willing to continue to do that thereby keeping their show tickets at high demand in the times to come.
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Many a time people spend time and energy in pursuit of fame and name but only a handful see success coming their way. If we considered that handful fortunate and lucky what would we think of folks that saw fame and name fall in their lap when they were only doing their jobs? The story of Lowen and Navarro is one such instance. In 1988 starting out as friends that practiced songwriting and singing without much ado, the duo kicked off a weekly residency at The Breakaway in California. All investments they put in were their voices and acoustic guitars. Could those bare minimal ingredients cater to a recipe for a grand success? Yes by all means, tells their track record on retro sight. Without pomp and show, they saw their names becoming popular. By 1989, the duo sensed that time was ripe to bring out something officially. A result of that thought was the album "Walking On A Wire" which was published in 1990. They partnered with Chameleon records and got rave reviews for it. The album ended up in building a radio base with the two popular numbers "Walking On A Wire" and "The Spell You are Under". It was time to do a reality check hitting the grounds and they did that by setting out on a national tour. The test was positive as they found that they were accorded warm reception and that sign was encouraging and very favorable.
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