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The corporate rock of the 1980s provided a focus for the hatred of critics and post-punk musicians, but it also sold millions of records and produced its share of undeniable rock 'n' roll moments. While Loverboy were hardly one of the decade's great bands, they did display some smarts and a knack for entertaining-enough hooks along the way to their three platinum albums. Formed by veteran guitarist Paul Dean (who'd briefly worked with Streetheart) and singer Mike Reno, Loverboy were one of Canada's premier rock acts of the era. Their self-titled 1980 debut -- complete with a trendy-looking cover that prompted some to mislabel the band New Wavers ? was a quick success, launching the single "Turn Me Loose" into Billboard's Top 40. (Fredric Dannen's music-biz expose Hit Men gives an inside look at the machinations of breaking the record.)

A follow-up, "The Kid is Hot Tonite," was another big favorite at album-rock radio, and was perhaps the first of the group's "guilty pleasure" cuts for listeners who normally shunned such fare. "Don't ask me how, but guess who hit the big time?" was the key lyric of "Lucky Ones," from the band's second album, Get Lucky. This kind of self-effacement was rarely heard in commercial pop and rock by this point, and its charm was hard to deny. Get Lucky also contained a true anthem for Loverboy's regular-guy (and girl!) listeners: "Working for the Weekend" still gets its share of airplay more than 20 years later, and it still rings true. By 1983, MTV was nearly as big a force in selling records as was radio, and Loverboy were one of the channel's favorites; that summer even saw the band cast an MTV contest winner in an ever-so-brief role in the clip for "Queen of the Broken Hearts." They were at the peak of their career, and though there were a few more hits in their future, Loverboy couldn't have gotten much bigger.
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Mar 30 Fri 9:00 PM Loverboy Showroom - The Orleans Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
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Apr 7 Sat 7:00 PM Loverboy Palace Theatre - Calgary
Calgary, ALB
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May 5 Sat 7:00 PM Loverboy & Berlin Heritage Hall Stage - Spirit Mountain Casino
Grand Ronde, OR
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Jun 3 Sun 7:00 PM Loverboy & Survivor Ravinia Pavilion
Highland Park, IL
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Jul 12 Thu 8:00 PM Loverboy Club Regent Casino
Winnipeg, MAN
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Jul 18 Wed 8:00 PM Loverboy London Music Hall - Ontario
London, ONT
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With a string of three multi-platinum albums, Loverboy was one of the most successful mainstream hard rock groups of the early '80s. Comprised of vocalist Mike Reno, guitarist Paul Dean, bassist Scott Smith, keyboardist Doug Johnson, and drummer Matthew Frenette, the band formed in Toronto, Canada, in 1980 and immediately signed with CBS Records. Later that year, their Bruce Fairbairn produced debut album appeared. Featuring the slick, hard-rocking singles "Turn Me Loose" and "The Kid Is Hot Tonite," the album went platinum in both Canada and America.

Loverboy recorded the follow-up, Get Lucky, in 1981. Driven by the anthemic "Working for the Weekend," the Fairbairn-produced record was a major success in the U.S. and Canada, yet it failed to gain an audience anywhere in Europe. Nevertheless, the band was a staple on AOR stations across North America, as well as a popular concert attraction. The band's good fortunes continued with the 1983 album Keep It Up. Again, Loverboy worked with Fairbairn, who kept their melodic yet tough sound intact; the album featured the hit single "Hot Girls In Love."

Loverboy's fortunes began to slip with 1985's Lovin' Every Minute of It, which was produced by Tom Allom (Judas Priest). Allom gave the band a harder edge, which didn't prove as commercially successful as their past records; nevertheless, the band's fans managed to make the album go platinum. Fairbairn returned from working with Bon Jovi to produce 1987's Wildside, yet the combination didn't prove as potent as before. After an extensive two-year tour, the band returned to Canada. In 1989, their greatest-hits record, Big Ones, was released. The same year Reno and Dean announced plans to make solo records, which effectively put an end to the group; a reunited lineup returned in 1998 with Live, Loud and Loose. Tragedy struck in November, 2000, when Scott Smith was swept overboard by a wave while on a boat near the California coast and he drowned.
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