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If you're interested in the band that started in Nashville and quickly rose in stardom in a few short years, get some Love and Theft tickets today! Love and Theft tickets bring the fans front stage with their favorite singers, Stephen, Eric, and Brian, as the three sing harmoniously together. Love and Theft tickets will bring you face to face with your favorite singers!

The three interestingly did not grow up in the same areas, but pursued a career in country music in Nashville, Tennessee where the group met up. Stephen grew up in Palm Harbor, Florida, where he became interested in contemporary Christian music and gospel. He would eventually receive a scholarship for basketball and play for the University of South Florida, but eventually decided that music was right for him. He left for Nashville and pursued his dream of music. Eric was reared in Charlotte, North Carolina, where e would receive his inspiration from his grandfather, who played banjo in a bluegrass band. While he was at the University of North Carolina, he played in bands. He would go on a college band tour, but eventually stole the show when the singer cancelled at the last minute. Finally, Brian, the last musician, came from a family of jazz players from Austin, Texas. He eventually would take to open mic nights and left college to pursue his dream in music. The three sing fantastically well together with each a unique background of music and passion.

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The group sings for connections, attempting to draw their audience in and connect with the music they play. Each song should have a special meaning, as the band calls their music very personal. The impactful music is played to a country style, with songwriting that touches the heart. The band is strong and share leading roles, enjoying playing together and touching their fans.

The group rehearsed for six months before letting their music touch the ears of a live audience, perfecting their music. Their debut album, World Wide Open, contained the songs Runaway and Dancing in Circles, both huge Love and Theft songs that topped the charts. The group would later play with Taylor Swift and other country stars to become very strong artists.

The bands first concert in 2010 will start April 11 in Orange Beach, Alabama with Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum at the Amphitheatre on the Wharf followed by a concert April 23 in Columbus, Ohio at the Nationwide Arena also with Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum. Be sure to catch your Love and Theft tickets during their 2010 concert tour this year and see your favorite artists up on stage. With their amazing country music, come get some Love and Theft tickets so you don't miss out on this bands sensational music.

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