Louisville Orchestra Tickets for Sale

A very prominent orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky is the well known Louisville Orchestra. Louisville Orchestra has played a very important role in the art scene of Louisville. The Orchestra is very famous throughout the United States of America. It has given performances at many famed venues and has been entertaining people for more than seven decades. The tickets for shows of Louisville Orchestra are available with Online Seats at very cheap and discounted price for the front and premium seats.

The formation year of Louisville Orchestra is 1937 with the founders being Robert Whitney and Mayor of Louisville, Charles Farnsley. The Orchestra today hires the services of no less than 71 full-time musicians. There are large number of concerts series for the community. There are also many classical programs which are performed by international guest artists. There are also family and education concerts including pops performances. Louisville Orchestra was earlier by the name Louisville Philharmonic Society. It is a resident performing group for Kentucky Opera and also Louisville Ballet. It gives many concerts all over the Kentucky and Indiana area. The official venue of Louisville Orchestra is The Louisville Palace but at the same time it also gives large number of shows in Whitney Hall which is a big concert hall located in The Kentucky Center.

Louisville Orchestra has achieved fame from all over the world particularly for contemporary music which is given by rising classical composers. Louisville Orchestra has given shows at several prestigious events such as the Inter-American Music Festival which took place at Kennedy Center, in Carnegie Hall it performed for "Great Orchestras of the World", and at White House they played at "A Festival for the Arts". The Orchestra also toured Mexico City. Louisville Orchestra has also been the winner of many awards. Leonard Bernstein Award for Excellence in Educational Programming was given to Louisville Orchestra in the year of 2001 by American Symphony Orchestra League and American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers or ASCAP. Orchestra for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music has got as many as nineteen ASCAP awards. Off lately Louisville Orchestra received large grants from National Endowment for the Arts and Aaron Copland Fund for Music. The grant was given to them for manufacturing, producing and marketing First Editions Recordings collections of the Orchestra.
Louisville Orchestra was first a part-time ensemble but today it is a very prominent arts organization. After ten ear of its formation the Orchestra started First Edition Recordings. This made the Louisville Orchestra in United States of America the first Orchestra to have a recording label. A sum of $500,000 was given to it as Rockefeller grant for premiering, recordings and commissioning 20th century music by living music composers.
Robert Whitney served as the director of Louisville Orchestra from 1937 to 1967. He was succeeded by Jorge Mester in 1967 till 1979. The later directors were Akira Endo, Jorge Mester, Max Bragado-Darman, Lawrence Leighton Smith, Uriel Segal. For two years from 2004 to 2006 Raymond Leppard was the Artistic Director. The current music director of Louisville Orchestra is Jorge Mester. For the 2006-2007 season Acting Associate Conductor is Stuart Chafetz.

Louisville Orchestra has become one of the most renowned orchestra of the world. The shows of orchestra are entertaining musically and have always featured many famed artists of the world. For seeing the concerts of Louisville Orchestra buy tickets from Online Seats for the front seats at low and discounted rates.