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Loudon spent his young days in New York and California. He was inspired by the music of Bob Dylan like a few other contemporary singers. He was one of those, who were dubbed as ‘a new Dylan' based on the resemblance in style with that of Dylan's. He took to a formal professional track when he was signed to Atlantic Records in 1970 thereby releasing his first album – "Album 1," followed closely with his second – "Album II(1971)." He moved on to sign with Columbia and produced Album III(1971), which featured his Top 40 novelty hit – ‘Dead Skunk.' The following albums "Attempted Mustache" (1973) and "Unrequited" (1975) did not go any far commercially but he managed to linger in the minds of his fans with the help of his sense of humor. For that reason he was a concert favorite and his tickets carried a premium. Loudon took to visual media and did a part in the successful TV series M*A*S*H. He returned to more music and paired up with Arista records to bring out "T Shirt" in 1976 and "Final Exam" in 1978. He quit the big labels to settle for a folk based indie "Rounder" and in 1980, released "A Live One" and another one "Fame and Wealth" in 1983. Wainwright realized that he gained much ground in UK and as it would appear greener than US, he moved to London in 1985. British singer/guitarist Richard Thompson co-produced his "I'm Alright" (1985) and "More Love Songs" in 1986 and both of them were nominated for Grammy.

He reappeared on home soil again and signed with Virgin Records' Charisma to release "History" in 1992, followed by "Career Moves" in 1993. His 15th album "Grown Man" was released in 1995 and "Little Ship" in 1998. In 1999, NPC broadcast a series of his humor bases songs under the name "Social Studies". Loudon went on to release a few more albums – "Last Man On Earth" (2001), "So Damn Happy"(a live album, 2003 ), and "Here Come the Choppers in 2005".

He produced a couple of songwriters in his family as well – son Rufus and daughter Martha. Rufus and Martha did their paternal contribution by inspiring the father to write songs that had them as the subject. Rufus would find himself quoted in a few songs including Rufus Is A Tit Man and "A Father and a Son" while Martha was referred in "Pretty Little Martha" in addition to other songs.
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Mar 30 Fri 8:00 PM Loudon Wainwright III Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
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Apr 15 Sun 8:00 PM Loudon Wainwright III City Winery - Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
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Loudon Wainwright, is a popular singer / songwriter of his times, as famous as a few other artists' that belonged to his area, but would be distinguished by virtue of the bluntly candid and self abasing humor that took lyric form in his autobiographical songs. The other notable things in his personal side would be the influential lineage that he carried from his ancestors. Loudon S. Wainwright Jr, his father was the editor of Life magazine and he was a descendant of Peter Stuyvesant, a colonial governor. His mother was a popular Yoga practitioner too.
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