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After a brief stint as a typist in his father's firm, music beckoned Reed back and he released his self-titled album to mark the beginning of a solo career that was propped up by the support that came from David Bowie and Mick Ronson as they produced his second solo work Transformer. Based on glam-rock, it included Reed's only Top 20 solo hit "Walk on the Wild Side," and other notable numbers like "Vicious" and "Satellite of Love." Though it turned more eyes toward Reed including from UK, it did cast a shadow on Reed with his controversial lyrics that courted transvestite interests. He went on to produce yet another of the same kind, Berlin in 1973, which dealt with suicide and despair. It came under immense upbraiding in the hands of critics and forced Reed to abandon that type of adventures. At the end of 1970's Reed realized that he needed to give the audience what they wanted and focused on playing it more straight and sincere. His marriage with Sylvia Morales inspired him to write a few strong love songs, The Blue Mask in particular in 1982. Legendary Hearts (1983) and New Sensations (1984) did well on the charts and restored his image socially that he even was the brand ambassador for Honda scooters. There was also a reunion of sorts when John Cale and Reed collaborated again and produced 1990's Songs for Drella

In 1996, a renaissance came about when the band Velvet Underground rose again from its ruins to perform for a Cartier benefit in France and subsequently toured all Europe. The band was also inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Another romance surfaced in Reed's life in the late 1990's with Laurie Anderson and they produced a number of recordings together. In 2003, he released a 2-CD set, The Raven, and in 2004, his contribution was the a remix of his song, "Satellite of Love" named "Satellite of Love '04" and it climbed up to #10 in the UK singles chart. A new album was expected for 2007, as Reed had signed a new deal with Sanctuary Records and it is anybody's expectation that he will keep going on and the tickets to his shows and tours would be sought after as always.

Discography (Studio albums)

Lou Reed (1972)
Transformer (1972)
Berlin (1973)
Sally Can't Dance (1974)
Metal Machine Music (1975)
Coney Island Baby (1976)
Rock 'n' Roll Heart (1976)
Street Hassle (1978)
The Bells (1979)
Growing Up in Public (1980)
The Blue Mask (1982)
Legendary Hearts (1983)
New Sensations (1984)
Mistrial (1986)
New York (1989)
Magic and Loss (1992)
Set the Twilight Reeling (1996)
Ecstasy (2000)
The Raven (2003)
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Born as Lewis Allen Reed, into a Jewish family, Lou represents a career of diverse incarnations. While a fledgling, his interest was in rock and R&B but expanded to Jazz and other experimental forms of music. He will also be remembered for expanding the rock vocabulary to certain taboo topics like kinky sex, drug abuse and homosexuality. He is also an accomplished songwriter and was inspired by Delmore Schwartz to adopt an unconventional and colloquial form of writing, which according to him is "to bring in the sensitivities of the novel into rock music."

He migrated to the New York City in 1963 and scored the first victory as a songwriter in 1964 with The Ostrich, a parody of then-popular dances. His employers were impressed and decided to institute a band around him. The band was named Velvet Underground and included John Cale and some of Reed's college acquaintances. Though Reed rose to much of an acclaim as the leader of Velvet Underground, he also found a great deal of success as a solo performer. Velvet Underground became famous and with Reed at the helm, it produced some classics like "Heroin," "Sister Ray," "Sweet Jane," "Rock and Roll," "Venus in Furs," "All Tomorrow's Parties," "What Goes On," and "Lisa Says". The band could not see any breakthrough dawning upon them, and also with very limited commercial success combined with an unstable internal affairs, underwent disbandment as John Cale was fired during 1968 only to be followed by the quitting of Reed himself in 1970.
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