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In 1987, Lou Gramm ventured independently to release his first solo effort scoring a Top Five popular hit with Midnight Blue. Foreigner did its part in the same year by issuing another album Insider Information which followed a couple of Lou's successful solo hits, "Just Between You and Me", and "True Blue Love". Based on his successes with solo performances and unsatisfied with the new look of Foreigner, it was only inevitable that Lou floated his own band Shadow King conjoined by former Black Sheep bassist Bruce Turgon. The band released its self-titled debut in 1991 with Virgin Records in the UK and Atlantic Records in the US. Though, they did not hit the mainstream in spite of some moderate positive reviews. In addition, the band did not enjoy the much necessary promotional and marketing efforts and for which reasons, it came to a halt.

In 1994, Lou and Jones paired up once again to revive Foreigner for Mr. Moonlight. In 1997, Lou was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, which he braved through treatment and radiation and returned back to touring the US with his shows with tickets completely sold out


S/T (1974)
Encouraging Words (1975)
Foreigner (1977) US
Double Vision (1978)
Head Games (1979)
4 (1981) #1 US
Records (1982)
Agent Provocateur (1984)
Inside Information (1987)
The Very Best of (1992)
The Very Best of... and Beyond (1992)
Classic Hits Live/Best of Live (1993)
JukeBox Hero: Best of (1994)
Mr. Moonlight (1994)
The Platinum Collection (1999)
Rough Diamonds #1 (1999)
Hot Blooded and Other Hits (2000)
Anthology: Jukebox Heroes (2000)
Complete Greatest Hits (2002)
The Definitive (2002)
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Lou Gramm earned an indelible place in music both as part of a successful band and an individually talented artist. He shot to fame as the lead vocalist of the multi platinum hard rock band – Foreigner. In his own right too, he won individual accolades as a solo artist cracking to top spots in the charts. Born in Rochester, NY in 1960, Lou Grammatico graduated with the class of 1968. As it would seem the best logical route, he started his career playing in local bands of Rochester, such as the St. James Infirmary and PFFFT. He emerged as the drummer and vocalist for the band Black Sheep who went on to publish two successive records with Capitol Records – S/T and Encouraging Words, none of which failed to do the tricks. He ran into Mick Jones, a journeyman guitarist who actually was playing in Spooky Tooth. It was a windfall mutually as Jones was hunting for a lead vocalist for a band that he had conceived in mind and invited Lou to do that job. The foundation for a successful band was laid and it was named Foreigner. His last name Grammatico shrunk to Gramm and from then on he would be known as Lou Gramm who stood out as one of the most successful vocalists of the 1970 – 1980s. Together, Lou and Jones produced some great hits like including two of their biggest "Waiting for a Girl Like You", which stood for ten weeks at #2 on the 1981 American singles charts, and the international super hit "I Want to Know What Love Is", in 1984.

It was when the deadly combination was at song that some professional differences surfaced between Lou and Jones soon after their second album Double Vision. The duo decided to reduce the strength of the band from six to 4 after the third album Head Games. Very aptly, the fourth album was named 4. For a difference, the clash of opinions was not based on egos but ethos. While Lou wanted the band to hold on to the purer rocks from where it originated, Jones preferred to diversify and embrace a style of synthesizer ballads popular in the 1980s. This was evident in the next album Agent Provocateur that made the Foreigners sound more ‘Key-boardish' and very different from how it used to sound - typical of drums and guitars.
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