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In February 2000 the band signed up with Visible Noise and in July of the same year, their first album – ‘The Fake Sound Of Progress' was out. It was recorded in a short period of two weeks costing around £5000. They took the help of Prime Management to venture into the American music landscape and found success in that pursuit when they signed up with Columbia, a part of Sony Records. They roped in the famed producer Michael Barbiero who worked with the band to release a retooled ‘The Fake Sound Of Progress' in 2001. Though, it took a considerable while for the band's next album to take shape. ‘Start Something' their second album was released in 2004 and proved that their erstwhile gigging had finally started to pay off. It opened at position 5 on the UK charts and was ranked 33 on the Billboard Top 200 in spite of a premature leak on the Net. A series of successful touring followed including a show at the giant Cardiff International Arena, for which the tickets sold out completely, and a main stage performance at the 2004 Reading Festival.

The band saw Mike Chiplin leave in June of 2005 and the remaining members worked hard to get the next album out especially since there was already a backlash due to the long delay between the releases of ‘The Fake Sound Of Progress' and ‘Start Something'. Finally, the band chose Bob Rock to release their next album – ‘Liberation Transmission' in June 2006, which became the first Lostprophets album to hit the no. 1 spot on the UK charts. With that track record, the Lostprophets, seemingly, are well positioned for 2007 during which they plan to release their next album. Watch out for their tours and grab the tickets to their shows before they sell out


The Fake Sound Of Progress (November 27, 2000)
The Fake Sound Of Progress (remastered) (October 8, 2001)
Start Something (February 2, 2004)
Liberation Transmission (June 26, 2006)
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Starting their music journey from Pontypridd, a small town near Cardiff, the capital of Wales, the Lostprophets have gone a long way. The band was formed with the break up of Public Disturbance that featured Ian Watkins and Mike Lewis, drummer and guitarist respectively. When it came to Lostprophets, Watkins took care of the vocal portfolio and the band inducted two other members - Mike Chiplin, originally a guitarist who eventually took over on drums, and guitarist Lee Gaze. The nomenclature of the band itself is based on a bootleg recording of a Duran concert in 1988.

At the outset, they tried their luck as ‘Lozt Prophetz,' as part of the fledgling South Wales Hardcore scene playing gigs across Wales. Pursuing a logical route, they went on to tour UK's toilet circuit. They released a handful of demos, thereby calibrating their abilities in sound. 'Here Comes The Party', their first recording, had a blend of an ‘aka-like' brass instrumentation and the rapping of Ian Watkins. As the band matured, the rapping disappeared leaving just a hip-hop influence still lingering in their works. Para Todas las Putas Celosas, which translates as "For all the jealous bitches", and "The Fake Sound of Progress" were their next two demos. The latter was re-recorded and released as their debut album later.

The magazine Kerrang! ran a feature on them and they were noticed bye Visible Noise (an independent label), which offered to record a single for them. Apart from these opportunities, the band spent the year1999 drawing up new material for their album along with Stuart Richardson, who came onboard as the bass player
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