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Having worked with Fama records (founded by Art Walker), in the 1980s, Los Tigres Del Norteño partnered up with Fonovisa Records and saw some more success coming their way. Beginning with Jaula de Oro in 1984, they regularly topped the Mexican album chart side. The most colorful feather in their decorated cap would come as the Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Performance, for Gracias America… Sin Fronteras in 1986. They also went on to bag about a dozen more Grammy nominations. Along similar lines, in 1999 ‘Herencia de Familia' won them the Grammy for Best Norteño Performance at the first annual Latin Grammy Awards.

There was also a slight downside to their storied career that made an onset just after "Herencia de Familia", and that sliding down proved to be a tremendous artistic failure Los Tigres del Norte . There was also the complaint about them that they always portrayed life as a struggle in an imperfect world as most of their lyrics were centered on illegal narcotics, immigration and betrayal between a man and woman that had a tinge of heavy pathos.

However, the other side of the coin is definitely bright and glitzy and they have their own merits and credits too. The band is considered respectable as they never glamorized or celebrated drug trade or criminal activities. Such respectability brought in diverse audience both demographically and geographically. They sure have proved to be carrying the tickets to enjoying Norteño genre of music!

Discography (latest 20):

2006 Muerte del Soplon [CD/DVD]
2006 Historias Que Contar [CD/DVD]
2006 Historias Que Contar
2006 Banda del Carro Rojo [CD/DVD]
2005 Ti Madrecita
2005 Mas Pedidas [CD & DVD]
2005 Directo al Corazon [CD & DVD]
2005 Directo al Corazon
2005 Cumbias y Algo Mas [CD & DVD]
2004 Pacto de Sangre [CD & DVD]
2004 Pacto de Sangre
2002 Reina del Sur
2001 Uniendo Fronteras
2000 Tigres del Norte: El Chequ
2000 Plaza Garibaldi
2000 De Paisano A Paisano
2000 Corridos
2000 Contrabando, Tración Y Robo
1999 Herencia de Familia
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Mar 23 Fri 7:00 PM Los Tigres Del Norte Old Concrete Street Amphitheater
Corpus Christi, TX
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Mar 25 Sun 7:00 PM Los Tigres Del Norte Casa Blanca Ballroom
Laredo, TX
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Sep 16 Sun 5:00 PM Fiesta Ravinia: Los Tigres del Norte Ravinia Pavilion
Highland Park, IL
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Since late 1960s Les Tigres Del Norteño, a group of Mexican brothers have been treating their fans to good quality Norteño (literally meaning ‘northern' in Spanish) music. Tickets to their show are what anyone interested in Norteño should hunt for! Theirs is yet another cross border success story. Originally from Rosa Morada, a town in the western state of Sinaloa, Mexico, they migrated to California to find a permanent residence in not just USA but also in the music industry. Jorge Hernandéz, who is a vocalist and also an accordionist, leads the band. He is the eldest (in a family of 11) and was joined by 4 of his brothers - Hernán, Eduardo, Luis, Raúl and cousin Oscar. Later on, Raúl left the group around 1990 to take up his father's responsibility as the primary breadwinner of the family when he was injured and could not be a rancher any longer.

Once, a song about a drug runner fell on the ears of Jorge Hernandez. What would have seemed a source of controversy in anyone else's mind appeared to be a golden opportunity to Jorge. He obtained permission for recording the song and released the same as ‘Contrabando y Traición' which was a runaway hit and gave them their first break through! ‘Contrabando y Traición' was a corrido, a song that has a narrative form of lyrics, popular in the Mestizo culture of North America, mainly in the northern Mexico and a few southern states of USA. The song was about a pair of lovers trafficking drug across the border. Los Tigres Del Norte subsequently went on to produce more numbers of the same kind, i.e. on drug and immigration. ‘Corridos Prohibidos' and Jaula de Oro are classic examples for those flavors. Most of their songs had a hint of ironic humor and connected with the Mexicans' who experience hardships in making a living in the United States.
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