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Lorie introduced albums each consecutive year and along with her husband, Tim, toured the Midwest frequently. Tim not only not only accompanies her but also plans and manages her concerts to the finest extends. Lorie is the only woman to own and run the largest independent recording company in the country. With sheer talent and perseverance she has released 26 CDs and sold more than 5 Million copies. Lorie, along with her husband, daughter and son, resides in Minneapolis.


The Tradition of Christmas: 2006
My Favorite Things: 2005
Now and Then: 2005
The Most Wonderful Time of The Year: 2004
Young At Heart: 2004
Sharing the Season (Volume IV): 2002
The Heritage Collection (Volume III): 2002
The Show Stoppers: 2001
The Silver Album: 2000
Just Me: 2000
Simply Grand: 1999
The Heritage Collection (Volume II): 1998
Open House: 1997
Home for the Holidays: 1997
Music from the Heart: 1997
Lorie Line Live! : 1996
Sharing the Season (Volume III): 1995
Heart and Soul: 1995
The Heritage Collection (Volume I): 1994
Walking With You: 1993
Sharing the Season (Volume II): 1993
Beyond A Dream: 1992
Threads of Love: 1992
Sharing the Season (Volume I): 1991
Storyline: 1990
Out of Line: 1989
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There are very few people who realize their career objective at a very small age and leaves no stone unturned to pursue it wholeheartedly. Lorie Line, with her uncanny ability to grasp musical notes, proudly fits that category. Born and growing up in Reno, Nevada, her talent surfaced and drew attention of her parents on numerous occasions and taking this into serious consideration they send her to piano lessons. At the mere age of nine, she religiously started participating in annual competitions and challenged everybody's imagination through her music.

After doing her B.A. in Music from the University of Nevada, she started performing at Dayton's, Minneapolis. Taking into account her growing fan following in Minneapolis she introduced her first album Out of Line, in 1989, along with her recording company Lorie Line Music, Inc. and sold the cassettes on her own. She created her own Orchestra and started to perform in live concerts, which provided her an opportunity to congregate and establish newer technologies to her music. Her persistent endeavor to engender and experiment with new age music, even today, makes it entirely difficult for an average fan to grab a ticket in local concerts. With an effort to make her musical notes accessible to her fans Lorie started her own publishing wing at Lorie Line, Inc. and has till date published more than 20 books. Soon her published notes became more popular with her fans and eventually a greater growth parameter than her music.
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