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At the 56th Grammy Awards, Lorde managed to win two awards which were Best Pop Solo Peformance and Song of the Year. That's not bad for someone who just turned 17. She actually has a boyfriend who is 7 years older than her. They were photographed by the paparazzi last November during a beach vacation and when Lorde first heard of that, her reaction was priceless. She started to wonder how the public would react to how her ass looks like. She was born and raised in New Zealand. Universal Records signed her at a young age of 12. She says she is not inspired by the music from New Zealanders since the musicians she listened to growing up were not from New Zealand. She added that New Zealand is in the middle of nowhere so people don't really come there to perform. She says she stays away from talking about heartbreak moments in her songs.

She is best friends with Taylor Swift and Taylor was really proud of her when she bagged two awards in this year's Grammy Awards. She became the first solo artist to top the Billboard alternative charts since Tracy Bonham did it 18 years ago. She came up with the name Lorde because she thought Lord is super rad so she just added a little feminine taste to it. It is obvious a lot of people think it is religious but she says it is far from that. She was born last November 7, 1996 as Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor. Her song "Royals" made it to the top of the New Zealand top 40 and the Billboard Hot 100 as well. Lorde became the third youngest winner in Grammy history and the youngest in New Zealand history. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her consider the fact that she is still young in the music world.

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