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Living Colour can easily be termed as the most versatile and creative rock band of this era. As a matter of fact, no other post 1970's band has been able to display the range and creativity exhibited by this veteran band. The band has not only magnificently sustained its popularity over the long period of time (22 years!) they have been around but continually added new followers to their fan-base. Little wonder, people are crazy for the band's concerts. Living Colour concert tickets are not easy to find. It's prudent and convenient to contact your online vendor without delay and place the order for tickets.

While still on the peak of their popularity and working on their fourth album, the band members parted ways in 1995 because of certain creative differences. Millions of fans were left disappointed by this sudden split. Some of the tracks from the band's unfinished album were included in the popular compilation 'Pride'. Fulfilling the wishes and demands of their huge fan-base, the band members reunited in the year 2000. The band's reunion produced the successful 'CollideƘscope' in 2003. To cash in on the band's rising popularity, Sony Records recently released the compilation CD titled 'Everything Is Possible: The Very Best of Living Colour' which has been warmly received. Owing to massive popularity of the band, all compilations of the band hitherto released have been huge hits.
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Living Colour was formed in 1984 by Vernon Reid, the band's exceptionally gifted guitarist. Reid was born in England but migrated to the U.S.A later and settled in New York. Apart from Reid, the band included three more members: talented and versatile Muzz Skillings (bassist), equally talented and versatile Will Calhoun (drummer), and the man with golden voice Corey Glover (vocalist). Interestingly enough, Corey Glover was discovered by Reid at a birthday party where he witnessed him recite 'Happy Birthday' and was quite impressed with his singing. Soon after its constitution, the band commenced touring regularly. Their talent got noticed eventually and they signed up with Epic Records. Their debut album 'Vivid' was released in 1998 and well appreciated. After release of their first album they gave the opening performances for the 1989 Rolling Stones Tour, gaining much exposure in the process. However, the band's real breakthrough album was 'Time's Up', released in 1990. This album hit the music scene like a tornado. Apart from being a huge hit, the album thoroughly showcased the ingenious versatility of the band. The album offered almost all varieties of music - from funk, jive, and electronica to thrash metal, hip hop, and jazz fusion. The album had such memorable numbers as 'Type,' 'Elvis Is Dead,' and 'Love Rears Its Ugly Head.' This tremendous effort of the band was much deservedly recognized and they garnered a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Album. Next year, an EP of the band entitled 'Biscuits' was released. After the release of 'Biscuits', bassist Muzz Skillings quit the band and was replaced by an equally talented Doug Wimbish. The fresh quartet released its album 'Stain' in 1993. The band charted a relatively different territory with this album and got appreciation for the effort.

Living Colour's unmatched versatility and creativity have endeared them to millions of loyal and ardent fans. Even a pause of five years could not reduce their fame a little bit. Fans just don't seem to get enough of them. They are surely going to flock to the band's coming concerts and tickets are likely to become a rare commodity. The sooner you get them through your online ticket vendor, the better it is.
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