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A.Jay Popoff, the front man and his friends from the band Lit, believe that their job is not to sell records but to write good songs. Their self-titled fourth CD has personal, passionate and diverse songs, without a thought to trends.

  • Five Smokin' Tracks from Lit (1996)

  • Tripping the Light Fantastic (1997)

  • A Place in the Sun (1999) Platinum

  • Atomic (2001)

  • Platinum & Gold Collection (Best of 1999-2001) (2004)

  • Lit (2004)

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The band, has changed its name at least twice. It was formed in 1990 as a metal-oriented band, Razzle, at Orange County, California. Few years down the line the name was changed to "Stain" but some other band owned that name so finally the name Lit came into being in 1996. Right from start they had a good fan following, but after the release of their platinum album A Place in the Sun in 1999 they garnered more fan following. This album had the hit single "My Own Worst Enemy," which was on the number one position for three months. It was chosen as the biggest Modern Rock Song by Billboard Music Award in 1999. "Zip-Lock" and "Miserable", too rose on the popularity chart and were among the top ten most played songs of 2000 . Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was featured in the video. The band toured extensively to promote their song "A Place in the Sun" with Offspring, Garbage and No Doubt.

In 2001 they again repeated their success. The album Atomic was not as successful as A Place in the Sun, but the single "Lipstick And Bruises", went on the top 10 chart. The song was smashing hit and the band toured with Kid Rock, and Butch Walker in support of Atomic. In 2004 the band broke from the shackles of past nearly in every way, with the release of Lit, and the first single "Looks Like They Were Right". The band produced Lit themselves and did it their way. There were no deadlines to meet or expectations to be fulfilled, they just made music the way they wanted to. Apart from creating the songs they liked, the band got into the business of food in 2006. They opened their own restaurant called "The Slidebar" in Fullerton, California.

Band Members:
  • A. Jay Popoff – Vocals

  • Jeremy Popoff – Guitar, Vocals

  • Kevin Baldes – Bass guitar, Vocals

  • Allen Shellenberger – Drums, Vocals
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